#TheDress is actually next season’s BHAFC kit, club confirms.

‘TheDress’ is actually a prototype of Brighton and Hove Albion Football Club’s 2015/16 Kit, a spokesman for the club confirmed earlier today.

Officials at BHAFC are said to be ‘extremely annoyed’ over recent leaks of next season’s strip that have surfaced on the internet.

“It’s clearly #BlueAndWhite” - Chris Hughton

“It’s clearly #BlueAndWhite” – Chris Hughton

The new kit was designed to be environmentally friendly, doubling as both a home kit and an away option. However, manager Chris Hughton confirmed his “frustration” at the fact that people were seeing incorrect colours.

“It’s clearly #BlueAndWhite” stated the manager this morning. “People seeing white and gold or black and blue ought to get their eyes checked”. Nike, the designers, confirmed that the new ‘innovative’ kit was meant to be blue and white when viewed by fans of the club, appearing black and gold to opposing fans.

Nike also explained the reason people were seeing the dress in different combinations of colours, such as white and gold or blue and black. “They simply do not give a fuck about the club one way or another, so are seeing a neutral version of the kit”.

One Crystal Palace fan said “The fact they’ll be playing in a dress just proves that Brighton are are bunch of poofters”.

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