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“I thought I was going to have a heart attack” – We saw The Vaccines at Concorde 2 - Soapbox

“I thought I was going to have a heart attack” – We saw The Vaccines at Concorde 2


Photo by Mike Burnell (iso400.com)

With extremely short notice, The Vaccines announced two intimate shows – Monday 19th January at Concorde 2 in Brighton and Tuesday 20th January at the Village Underground in London. I would be a fool to miss the show in Brighton, so I bought my ticket as soon as they went on sale. Lucky move, as they sold out within ten minutes.

It had been more than a year since I’d last seen them live. To say I was excited would be an understatement. I got to Concorde 2 as soon as the doors open, so I can get a good spot. However, this might not have been the best decision, as I find out, with great disappointment, that there is no support act. Moreover, the band come on stage at around 21:40, a bit later than expected. This results in a two hour long wait listening to some previously made playlist. To me, part of the fun of going to gigs is watching the support band(s), as they are often good and sometimes – dare I say – even better than the headliner. That’s why I feel like something was missing this time, but I was too excited to get angry about this and, when the band come on stage on the notes of Blow It Up, all was forgiven.

“It feels good to be back, Brighton” says frontman Justin Young, among the fans’ excited screams. I had forgotten how lively The Vaccines are on stage and the crowd matches their energy by jumping around and moshing to every single song.

They had promised new material and they didn’t disappoint. Four new songs appear on the setlist – ‘Dream Lover’, ‘Want You So Bad’, the new single ‘Handsome’ and ’20/20′. They succeed in mixing new and old songs. Famous hits such as ‘Teenage Icon’, ‘Wreckin’ Bar’, ‘If You Wanna’ are featured in the setlist with great enjoyment of the crowd who goes mad and dances to them all the way through. Songs to soften the atmosphere weren’t left out. The fans welcomed ‘Wetsuit’, ‘All In White’ and ‘Melody Calling’ with a singalong. As usual, the band end the set with ‘Nørgaard’, thanking the audience and fulfilling the expectation of a great gig and performing new exciting material.

I manage to meet Justin after the gig. He seemed very excited for the new album – which is coming out in May – and for the upcoming UK tour. He was exhausted after the set. “At one point I thought I was going to have a heart attack” he says with a smile. The energy expended on stage had paid off, as the fans absolutely loved the gig. This performance sets the scene for a promising new era of The Vaccines.

Blow It Up
Teenage Icon
Wreckin’ Bar (Ra Ra Ra)
Ghost Town
Dream Lover
Want You So Bad
Post Break-Up Sex
All in White
Melody Calling
Bad Mood
Wolf Pack
I Always Knew
If You Wanna

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