The Underachievers: ‘Indigoism’ – Review

the-underachievers2Have you heard of The Underachievers? Bet you haven’t. The pair of rappers, Issa Dash and AK, from NY, are off most people’s radars still, but have still been signed to Flying Lotus’ label, Brainfeeder, and are quickly blowing up the scene with a single free mixtape filled with psychedelic yet simple beats and the lyrics to match it.The duo dropped their latest mixtape, Indigoism, on 1st February and has been received in the best way, striding to the top of the US billboard reviews with an increasing following both sides of the Atlantic ocean. 

This pair of rappers, following quickly in the footpaths of Odd Future, have their own take on hip hop and intend to push the genre back to it’s origins; incredible bars and lyricism with meaning over the top of well produced beats with an incredible flow for both in their own ways. The seventeen track mixtape has an incredible flowing momentum to it, with each track as good as the last and the rappers bouncing off each other to pull together impressive and obviously well-thought out melodies. The pair constantly draw on the themes of drugs, being high and making the music they enjoy, but never seem to reference to their bank account balance or females they fornicate with. *Inhale* You taste that? That’s a breath of fresh air that the hip hop scene so desperately needs.

This mixtape is bound to be on a pothead’s playlist, with the first track named ‘Philanthropist’ – one that loves to enhance all of mankind and the environment that they live in. Peace and love maaaan. But no, really, as short as the track is, it’s one of the best introductions you could ever wish for a mixtape with a sweeping use of synths and a heavy drum beat in the background. You play this track in front of fifty people, forty nine are gonna be head bopping whilst the odd one person ignorantly drools and wishes for a YMCMB beat. (There’s always going to be one wherever you go, don’t worry, we can convert them eventually. One step at a time.)

The beats are all well composed, with the likes of Tribe Gang, Entreproducers and Pro Era all pushing the buttons in the right places, even playing in some oddly reshaped church organs, listen out for them! And what mixtape wouldn’t be complete without the WOOPCLAP, to lead through some instrumentals and drown it out towards the end. The theme of drugs seems to drip through the tracks constantly, but honestly, if you smoke weed, drop pills, cook meth or refuse to partake in peer pressure, you’re still gonna love this.

The Underachievers are coming to your world in the best of ways; you won’t know until the mixtape’s lairy and challenging cover smacks you bang in the nose and you’ll be seeing the mesmerising colours and shapes for weeks, if the tracks aren’t leaving a ringing in your ears and a taste for more in your mouth. Somehow, seventeen tracks for free just isn’t enough from the duo but take what you can now, this is one hip hop act that hopefully won’t get too swallowed up by an industry as they fight constantly through their lyrics and challenging ideals, but still, they’re giving away gold dust for free, fill up your pockets!
Written By Max Necus (@MaxNecus)

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