The Month in Grime – September


September has been a fantastic month for grime, with numerous high profile releases hitting the shelves and a huge number of packed out radio shows to play them all in. Here are my top 10 grime releases of the month.

Drax – Frostie

It’s no secret that Drax is one of my favourite producers working in the UK at the moment. His unique blend of Eskimo style synths and raw bass instrumentation tends to bring any tune he touches to life. His latest EP previews are now available to listen to via his home label Southpoint, featuring remixes from JFO and Beanzo. Check them out here:

Filthy Gears – The Filth Tape

In a matter of months, Filthy Gears has become one the standout grime producers of the year, with his tracks getting featured on near enough every big grime set to pop up on radio. In early September he teamed up with grime warlord Spooky’s label Ghost House to put together “The Filth Tape Vol. 1. The whole EP is now available to preview below:

Capo Lee – Mud

It’s no reach to say that Capo Lee has been one of this year’s standout vocalists within the grime scene. After featuring on multiple remix projects and radio sets and a string of high profile single releases, Capo got to work with Sir Spyro and D Double to create the ‘Mud’ EP. Featuring a crazy remix of the original, the whole release is available to stream via Rinse FM’s SoundCloud page.

Long Range – Target Practice

Chameleon Audio have been setting serious pace this year with a string of popular releases from the likes of Chemist RNS, Mojoe, Policy and S0ur F4ce. Their latest release comes Long Range, from a relatively new name to most. However it really doesn’t disappoint. The dubstep and grime hybrid sound is becoming increasingly popular it seems, and when it’s done right it’s just so pleasing to hear. Check out this release on Chameleon Audio’s SoundCloud page:

Policy – Disco Biscuits

Whether it be via labels of self released EP’s, Policy has been releasing cutting edge electronic music non stop throughout 2016. His latest project features 2 very interesting 140 BPM compositions; The title track ‘Disco Biscuits’ and the highly energetic ‘Megadrive’. We have heard rumours of a VIP to be released later in the year, but for now, make sure you take a listen to the release on Policy’s Bandcamp page here:

Youngstar – Bongo – Rerelease

Now based in London, Zha’s ‘White Peach’ imprint has been one oft he most vital vinyl lifelines to the grime scene in recent years, both as an online store and as a label itself. Their most recent projects sees the re-release of Youngstar’s classic ‘Bongo’ instrumental, alongside an array of formidable remixes from the likes of Hi5Ghost, Kahn & Neek and Impey. The preorder for the full vinyl release is available now, so make sure to get the orders is as this will 100% sell out.

Indecent – 002

There are a lot of grime and bass labels regularly popping up these days, however Indecent are one of the collectives doing more than just releasing music. Through their regular shows on Balamii they are able to showcase and promote some of the scenes strongest new talents as well as representing their own. Their most recent compilation features 10 tracks from a large variety of producers including Skelecta, Noble, Proc Fiskal, Polonis, NSUS and more. There’s even a freebie from myself on there if you fancy taking a listen! Check out the whole computation available for free download here:

Priceless & Lyrical Strally – Rumour

Priceless is joined on his Future Follower debut by YGG’s own Lyrical Strally on ‘Rumour’. The duo have combined well to put together an extremely vibesy single. The EP also features a selection of four top quality instrumentals from Priceless, which truly encompass what the London based production style is all about.

JBeatz – Chestplate

In the producer of the year category, Jbeatz has to be in contention for the title this year. His flawless work ethic has seen him produce some of the year’s most recognisable and authentic instrumentals which can be heard from 1Xtra to Radar to Rinse and then back to his resident station Mode. Chestplate was released on JBeatz’s own imprint ‘Crown Jewels’ and features 4 instrumentals including his remix of ‘Drunk’ by Audio Slugs. It also plays host to a top notch vocal from Nico Lindsay, Capo Lee, Merky Ace and Blay.

KXVU – Cub Chop Vol. 2

Well we can’t forget my self indulgent cameo now can we? At long long last I’ve managed to hit the big 1000 followers on SoundCloud so to celebrate I’ve put Cub Chop Vol. 2 up for free download. The entire project is made up of 5 bootlegs I’m particularly fond of. Please do check it out via my SoundCloud page below.

That’s all for this month, there were so many releases this month that it was hard to pick just a select 10. Check back in October to see what we have in the next edition.

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