The Month In Grime – September 2017

The Month In Grime - Sept17

It’s been yet another crazy month for 140BPM lovers worldwide. As we approach the end of the year, grime certainly shows no signs of slowing down. Here are our picks for the month!

Dallen – Sunday

Who doesn’t love a free download right? We send out massive shouts to Dallen on this freebie drop of his track ‘Sunday’. This one here is perfect for grime DJs looking for that extra ammo for vocal sets. You can grab it here:

Pearly Whites – Vol. 2

Bristol based project: Pearly Whites this month launched their second full length compilation, and what a compilation it is! Featuring some of the best that grime has to offer in a more emotive light. Focussing on R&G themes and choppy flavours, artists such as Mordecai, Neffa T, Jammz, Invader Spade, Boss Mischief and founder Lemzly Dale all put forward fantastic pieces of work which gel together fantastically in the long play format. You can check the full compilation via BandCamp here:

Big H – Spaceman [Feat. President T]

Big H makes his return to the SB:TV platform with his brand new single jam packed with wavy flows and laid back instrumentation entitled ‘Spaceman’. H is joined on this track by the legend that is President T and the pair work in perfect harmony as ever. You can check the full video out below:

Mez – Magnum

Out of all of the new wave of progressive MC’s, none are making as much noise as Mez for us. His catchy, cheeky flows run wild over his brand new single entitled ‘Magnum’. Mez is both a pleasing throwback and a fantastic look forward at the same time through his more fun style of lyricism and vocal patterns. You can check out the official release video here:

Rocks Foe – Fight The Good?

After a brief period of no releases from Rocks, we can safely say that his new project ‘Fight The Good?’ is one of the most outstanding bodies of work we have heard this year. Everything from the unique sampling selection to the incredible vocal patterns Rocks puts together just fits perfectly. The depth of the project really showcases how unique and special Rocks is as an artist. Our favourite track is either the laid back ‘Rollin’ or the crescendo-laced ‘Downpour’. You can view the whole release via the Facebook playlist below:

Sukh Knight – Renegade EP – White Peach

Can White Peach put a foot wrong? On current form it’s hard to believe so as they line up their second full vinyl release with the ever creative Sukh Knight. All four tracks are straight weapons, with the VIP of ‘Nightcrawler’ being the immediate pick for crowd favourite. Sukh Knight has such a unique sound that has carried him throughout so many different areas of 140BPM music. Our personal favourite is the erratic sound of ‘Thugz’ with utilizes Sukh’s lethal combination of Eastern style vocal samples and electronic arrangement.

Chameleon Audio – Walsall Sound

Chameleon Audio our one of our favourite projects to both watch and be a part of when we can. To see them as a label unify their home town and bring all the producers in the region together is remarkable. This new compilation features fourteen mutli genre tracks, highlighting the best that Walsall has to offer. You can check out the previews for all of the tracks being featured on the compilation via this playlist:

PJam – Jungle Book – Hardrive

We are always very happy to see new music from the veteran PJam, especially on what has become his home imprint: Hardrive. He presents us with a 6 track superpack, featuring a bag of tunes showcasing what we all love best about PJam. Out of the whole collection ‘Panther’’ is our pick, which is built from typically rapid fire percussive patterns, uniquely pleasing bass synthesis, unpredictable beat stops and uplifting brass patterns. This EP also features a high profile collaboration with the ever present Terror Danjah entitled ‘The Nile’. You can check out the whole project below:

Kotei – Drawback / Cake

We were very happy to see Kotei return to his self titled release series with ‘Kotei 002’. This time he brings two crazy instrumental creations for your listening pleasure. The first entitled ‘Drawback’ plays out in typical Kotei fashion, with unusual percussive leads and rolling subs. On the flip ‘Cake’ leads with a more minimal arrangement with occasional vocal stabs and rapid hi hats. You can check both tracks here:

Noble – Junctions EP – Southpoint

Southpoint are always looking forward to Noble bringing us new material. His brand new EP entitled ‘Junctions’ is available now and features four heavyweight instrumental creations, including a powerhouse rework of ‘Specialist’ by Manchester’s JFO. This release also featured a vocal freebie from Over The Edge’s J River which is available to download for free. You can purchase the full project via the SoundCloud playlist below:

Pelikann – Laughing Cow (KXVU Remix)

As ever I’m going to throw my shameless self promotion out there! This month my official remix of Pelikann’s ‘Laughing Cow’ was released via In:Flux Audio as past of their ‘Remixed Vol. 1’ compilation. You can check it out here:

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