The Month In Grime – February

The Month In Grime - FEB

It’s been a big month. One of the most influential grime artists of all time finally released his debut album, new releases from nearly all of the big hitters and plenty of other goodies to go with it. Let’s take a look at what’s been popping!

DOK – Effed Up – Hardrive

2016 was the year in which DOK reinstated himself as one of grime’s legendary producers. After winning BeatBoss and racking up a lot of high profile radio plays, he has teamed up with his home label Hardive to release his first EP of 2017. Four tracks, four bangers, simple as, really.

Jakebob – Can’t Lie (GrimeDisciple)

GrimeDisciple is one of our favourite networks in regards to pushing new producers and their music. They are joined this time by Chameleon Audio and Southpoint regular Jakebob for a free download entitled ‘Can’t Lie’. The young producer/MC has made a killer start to 2017 and we can’t wait to see what else is to come!

Stormzy – Gang Signs & Prayer

Arguably the most influential grime artist of recent times, Stormzy has finally dropped his debut studio album. As a body of work it’s terrific, though it may not be to the taste of hardcore grime fans, the album showcases Stormzy’s depth as an artist rather than just an MC. One thing that can’t be denied however is the grime tracks on the album bang, and I mean really bang!

Noble – Oi Nah Fam (Tumble)

There’s nothing we enjoy more than seeing Brighton based musicians getting the recognition they deserve. Noble is one of the South’s brightest grime producer talents and recently hooked up with infamous Nottingham collective ‘Tumble Audio’ to release this fire freebie. Check it out via the link below:

Sir Spyro & Capo Lee – Stop Talk EP

After the humongous success of ‘Mud’ last year, it’s definitely time that the dynamic duo partnered up in the studio again. ‘Stop Talk’ is a solid six-track project from the pair whose styles seem to compliment each other perfectly. This EP also features a long awaited official remix version of ‘Tekkers’ and was released on February 24th.

SEKKO – No Manners EP (White Peach)

White Peach were one of the high flying labels of 2016 and they’ve certainly retaining the momentum going into 2017. This month Sekko joins the team for what is somehow his debut EP, despite being one of the most talked about grime producers in the scene. The EP is weighty from start to finish and is a must purchase for both vinyl followers and grime fans of all kinds.

Ricknor – Gangsters (Project Allout)

After a short period of leave, Riknor makes his return to grime under the ever present banner of Project Allout. The previews for his new EP ‘Gangsters’ went live on SoundCloud earlier this month and his return couldn’t come sooner. The whole EP is comprised of dark, hellish compositions, sure to tear any dance to pieces. Check out the EP previews below:

Chameleon Audio – The Remixes Vol. 1

Chameleon Audio have made a terrific start to 2017 with this compilation. Having already established a vast roster, they have put together a highly flammable package of official remixes of previous releases, showcasing the depth and spectrum of styles within the label. This one is out on the 7th of March and is going to send serious shockwaves out.

Kahn–Fierce (Commodo Remix)/Commodo – S Is For Snakes (Bandulu)

If you were lucky enough to get your hands on one of these bad boys, then fair play to you. After selling out in less than a day, Bandulu have kicked off 2017 with a bang with their latest release from Commodo. Both tracks come correct in typical darkened Bandulu fashion, it’s head down, weighty business yet again!

Danny Jaqq – D-A-N-N-Y (CubDubs)

Self-plugg alert. I’m really happy to finally have a full release together with Danny Jaqq. We’ve been making music and performing together for over a year and a half so it is long overdue. ‘D-A-N-N-Y’ also features remixes from Hamdi, JFO and Jakebob, available to stream and download below:

That’s all for this month. Make sure you check back in March to see what’s been happening!

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