The Month In Grime – August 2017

The Month In Grime - August17

What a month August has been in grime. We have seen so many high profile releases come around, so lets get straight into this months round up.

Big Zuu – Big Zuu EP

One thing grime music has seemingly lacked for a long time is a wave of new personalities. Big Zuu is without a doubt one of the MC’s to change the game in that respect, which is reflected in his latest EP which is packed full of Zuu goodness. Having become one of the faces of grime radio in the UK with his super popular Joint’s Show on Radar, Zuu has gone from strength to strength as an artist and the Big Zuu EP is a reflection of that growth. Track one from the EP, entitled Builders, is produced by the ever present Spyro, and is available to stream via the link below.

Boxed004 – Boxed LDN

As far as collectives go, Boxed are definitely up there as far as consistency goes. The group hold down a weekly Rinse FM show whilst working on their own individual releases and regular live performances. Boxed004 is the label’s fourth official vinyl release and the online previews show that it’s going to be fire. We see high profile returns from Boylan, Oil Gang, Rebore, Slackk, Logos and Fallow, all with heavyweight contributions to the overall package.

Policy – Kingdom EP

Policy is one of my favourite producers in the UK without question. His uniquely gritty yet bubbly sound is constantly in flux, diversifying into new areas of 140 music. This is demonstrated perfectly on his latest 3 track EP, Kingdom. The title track and Breach look at more future bass influences with super intense high end synth leads and sliding bass patterns, whilst Majesty explores the depths of syncopation with its wonky percussion and unpredictable breaks. A great piece of work, available to preview below.

BlueDollarBillz – 500 Subs

Rising YouTube channel BlueDollarBillz recently celebrated hitting 500 subscribers with the release of this high profile free LP. They have amassed a serious collection of melodic fire, featuring fantastic compositions from the likes of Rapture4D, Scruloose, Polonis, CreepN00M and many more high profile grime faces. This EP is available to stream and download in full via the link below.

J Beatz – Warmonger EP

As one of champion clash network BeatBoss’s most prominent figures, J Beatz is no stranger to a war dub or two. Having appeared regularly on the producer clash series since it’s inception, J has become one of the dangerous opponents to meet in the war (as his brand new Warmonger EP would suggest). This project features a massive box of dubs used in the most recent edition of BeatBoss, including a heavyweight send for Rapture 4D and three powerhouse creations built directly for previous champion PRE. You can check all of these out below:

Luciferian – The Bearded Weirdo

We were very excited to get our ears into the latest project from one of The Collective’s front runners: Luciferian. His Bearded Weirdo EP is a fantastic showcase of what the young MC is capable of, with rapid-fire flows and highly intricate 140 lyricism laced throughout the 6 tracks that make up the EP. Production credits include Chemist RNS, 9Trane, Yeti and more, making this a very well thought out debut project.

Dallen – SMH EP

Over the last couple of years Dallen has been one of the most consistent names at the forefront of instrumental grime music. His unique, electronic production style has earned favour with living legend Slimzee, and he’s now become a member of the Slimzos Recordings collective. His brand new EP entitled SMH however is a self released collection of highly energetic instrumental fire. Our favourites include the sweeping moods of 10PM and the rapid fire punches of the title track SMH. Available to download via the Soundcloud link below.

Moreofus – Back Down (White Peach)

We’ve been hearing exciting bits and pieces from Bournemouth’s Moreofus for the last year or so, but what better way is there to solidify your status than with a full four track EP on grime and dubstep champions White Peach Records. All four tracks are straight power houses, showing off Moreofus’s unique pocket of grime production, with rising and falling bass instrumentation and super polished drum arrangements. Our favourite of the four has to be Don’t Sleep, with its driving synth tones and subtle percussive rhythms creating phenomenal levels of energy. The EP is available to preview here:

Jakebob – Refixes Vol.1

Jakebob has been one of the most consistent producers to rise out of the new wave of grime faces in the last few years. This month he has confirmed a bag of high profile releases, and released this fantastic bag of refixes for free download. Our highlights are the weighty rework of Chemist RNS’s Numb and Jakebob’s rethink of the classic Good Day instrumental from Ice Cube.

Spooky – The Spooky Remixes

Let’s face it, Spooky is one of the godfathers of the modern grime movement. Having grafted away up and down the country for over a decade, Spooks is a certified legend in grime music. One thing he is notably respected for is his ability to flip any tune into a grime refix. His latest bandcamp release features 32 complete refixes and is available for the insanely reasonable price of £8. Our highlights include the super high energy refix of Mr Dubz’s Grom VIP and Spooky’s powerhouse rework of Slackk’s Shogun Assassin. You can check out the whole project below.

Trends – Devils Theme / Terror Danjah – Infrared

There is no doubting that Trends is now amongst grime’s elite production circle through sheer consistency alone. Over the last few years he has graced multiple platforms, and with his new Devil’s Theme EP he returns to the ever prominent Harddrive with an electrifying creation. Our personal favourite track is the high energy Submarine, built on rapid drum work and haunting pads. The title track is built in similar fashion whilst Wentey’s Riddim steps it up a gear, bringing vintage grimey orchestral stabs and horns to the front of the arrangement. Trends has been on an 18 month roll and certainly shows no signs of slowing down.

My favourite thing about Harddrive as a label is that it is a 100% grime label. Everything that comes out is curated perfectly and there’s never a dull moment. This is certainly true of Terror Danjah’s new Infrared EP. The project features 6 high energy grime instrumentals, including three high profile collabs with the likes of Sir Spyro, Swifta Beater and Harddrive’s own PJam. This is yet another solid box of work from the pioneer, with each track sounding ready to hold weight in any dance or radio set. Our highlight is TBC which is the official collaboration with Sir Spyro. You can stream the EP below.

Triple S – Pull Up – Southpoint

The Southpoint team were very excited to put together their second official album. The super duo of Chameleon Audio’s Chemist RNS & Mojoe (AKA Triple S) most certainly came through with the goods, seeing their album named as the LP of the month in the most recent edition of MixMag. The album consists of 11 scorching original creations, including collaborations with Chameleon troopers Jakebob, S3 Dubs and Sour F4ce, as well as a powerhouse rework of the title track from Southpoint regular Drax. The album is out now and available to preview below.

And that just about wraps it up for this month. Check back in September to see the best of grime next month!

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