The Horrors’ new album is actually okay – Our review of “Luminous”


Okay, I’m going to just come out and say what you’re not really supposed to say in the beginning of a review. I did not like The Horrors. Or more specifically I hated them. Before going on this journey I felt they were yet another band that made a name for themselves amongst those irritating hipsters that have infested most of the East End. However I am not one to pass up a new experience or shut down any new attempts of enlightenment; so here we are.

Luminous saw the return of five member band The Horrors after spending over a year perfecting their fourth studio album. And it’s paid off. Either molecules have changed within me, maybe the stars have aligned- but I don’t hate it. Not every song is a masterpiece but no artist can ever really produce a perfect album now, can they? I’ve tried to jump on the bandwagon many times, and always seem to demand I get off the next stop.

Or quite literally leave mid-way through their set at Field Day a couple years back. Their fourth record re-introduces their love for giving us a trip down psychedelic-moody-synth-lane with songs like Jealous Sun and the opening track Chasing Shadows oozing with the trademark Horroresque sound. While some songs such as Sleepwalk are uninspiring and a little outdated which is a setback for any artist’s fourth debut record. At certain points Luminous seems anything but Luminous but it is songs like Mine and Yours and Falling Star that really do allow this album to become anything but a repetition of their past three records.

Both songs embrace a depth of layered sensuality with a slow ‘sway’ worthy tempo that could seduce any soul. The standout star of the album would have to be the youthful (and possibly one of my summer jams) First Day of Spring. With its groovy guitar riffs along with Faris’s nonchalant style of singing automatically eases all your worries and transports you into a warm summer embrace that quite frankly I’m all up for. You should be too.

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