The Holy Tees – Band Review


We go to Southampton for our next piece, and what an E.P we have for you. Lauren Hannan, Tobias Cooper, Ellis Ballard and Phil Greenaway form the alternative rock band named “The Holy Tees” and they have given us as music lovers a great six-track project called “The Habbit”. With her musical degree background, lead singer Lauren Hannan’s voice is nearly identical to Florence Welch from Florence and the Machine and this E.P allows you to draw comparisons between them and The Holy Tees without using too much imagination.


Alongside a great lead singer Tobias, Ellis and Phil all work incredibly well together to not only give Lauren a solid platform to perform on musically but to provide instrumentals that do not get overshadowed by the singer which makes this project great to listen to. Another band they have confirmed is an influence of theirs is The Foals which I can definitely see from an instrumental side of the music. We now have a comparison of The Foals with regards to their musicians and a lead singer nearly identical to Florence, it definitely paints a picture for how talented this group is.

Even though it is clear to see I am a huge hip-hop fan, I can find myself listening to “The Habbit” on a day to day basis and it makes me extremely anxious and excited to see which direction The Holy Tees chooses to go from this. It is also great to see quality music coming out of university students on music degrees, especially whilst they are still studying! I will keep this short and sweet but for those of you reading and thinking you would like to get into the music field of work and find yourself wanting to go to uni, trust me it’s something you should strongly consider.

There are many ways to keep updated with the band through their Facebook Page or their Twitter page – @TheHolyTees . You can access “The Habbit” through The Holy Tees Soundcloud which was released on the 10th of February and once again, I advice you get listening!

Composed by Luca Olias (@lucaolias)

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