Teddy Music – Selectah Music – Album Preview


As one of the most respected and consistent producers currently active in within Grime music, it’s always good to see a new Teddy Music project. This album is set to be the third in his ‘Selectah’ series, which is one of the most successful reoccurring projects to come out of the genre. The ‘Beat Tape’ as it is sometimes customary to name an instrumental project will be released on the 2nd February and is currently sounding like it will be yet another success.

Teddy Music (formerly known as ‘Silencer’) is known for his clean cut instrumentals, his universally recognised horn melodies and his gritty bass instrumentation and melodies. The track list is now available and includes yet another rework of the infamous Grime classic ‘World War 4’. This most recent remix is entitled ‘Last World War 4’ and seems to be symbolising an end to the remixes of that particular track. The full track list for this album can be found below.


1. One Way Out
2. North Skull
3. Lemsip
4. Jeepers Creepers
5. Earth
6. Last World War 4
7. Yan’s Kitchen
8. Legal
9. Nutz
10. Vicious
11. War Dub 1 (Bonus Track)
12. War Dub 2 (Bonus Track)

From what can be heard through the previews the project is looking to be an excellent addition to any Grime fanatics instrumental collection. The full album is available for pre-order by CLICKING HERE. Be sure to also check out the previews through the SoundCloud link below!

Words by Jay McDougall (@SleepYGee1)

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