Tarika Blue – Dream Flower (Josh Gunston, Connor Mobey and Barney Brown Cover)


It’s about time we gave you some more free music, and what better than a track which we feel will be perfect for the summer. Josh Gunston, Connor Mobey and Barney Brown’s new single is a fantastic remake of ‘Dream Flower’ by Tarika Blue. The musical arrangement is beautiful, and this combined with the old school processing techniques favoured by the band lead to a spectacular outcome. An array of horns, guitars and basses all perform their individual melodies to perfection whilst they naturally entwine and fill the space of the mix via breathy reverberations. This is their first full project, so we are very excited to see what else the band puts together over the coming months!

This track is available for free download via our SoundCloud page, which you can find a link to below.

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