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Last Summer, Don’t Flop, the UK’s leading battle rap league, held some tryout battles in an attempt to find potential future stars. Fans of the league will know that the search was not a simple one, bringing an infamous wave of choke artists and general flops (which I was definitely not a part of…).

But when the smoke from all those that crashed and burned cleared, we were left with a handful of great potentials. One of which, in fact, the first tryout to be personally praised by Eurgh himself, began to rapidly climb the ranks.

Not only did he surprise everyone with his skills in the ring, his music also took Don’t Flop fans by storm. His work rate is unmatched when it comes to music and his latest project is a result of his incredible work rate and passion. The man I’m speaking about is of course the up and coming battler and artist, Tali and I’m very glad to review his newest mixtape “Just The Beginning”.

Now, first thing’s first, if this mixtape is really just the beginning as the title suggests, then I am incredibly excited for the future of Tali because this tape is incredible. UK rap is becoming a strong force in the world of music, but in my personal opinion, it lacks original artists. A few rappers in the scene tend to sound like each other. Since Giggs burst onto the scene, an army of rappers followed in his footsteps, some of them a bit too close behind. But Tali is one of the few UK rappers that has developed his own unique sound.

With his seamless flow of multis and smooth, confident delivery, I personally believe he’s destined to make an impact in the UK rap scene. The introduction to the album, simply named “Intro” really sets the tone for the whole album, with the famous words of Muhammad Ali letting us know that Tali is about to do some damage with the following tracks of the album. Tali then begins to show us exactly what he can do over Meek Mill’s beat for his Dreamchasers 2 “Intro”, which also started with a speech from Mike Tyson.

For me, though, the track that said to me “this album is going to be special” is the 2nd track of the album “Just The Beginning” which consists of Tali’s signature delivery, hard punchlines and one of the smoothest flows I’ve heard.

The rest of the album is full of incredible productions and a wide variety of styles. If you’re a fan of the ultra-popular trap sound then this is the album for you. If you’re a fan of Grime, then this is the album for you. If you’re a fan of the classic Hip Hop sound then this is the album for you. Tali has really put together an album that all rap fans can enjoy in one way or another.

I could go through every track and tell everyone why everyone should go and download this album, but we have limits and my natural choice of words would not be publishable but I will say this, watch out for Tali, excuse the cliche but he is a serious problem in both the battling word and the music world.

I am personally very glad to have witnessed the beginning, no pun intended. Well, it was sort of intentional.

Grab it for free now by clicking HERE

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