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So firstly, what’s the story behind the name T93; it’s an unusual to be sure!

The story behind it is weak. I remember seeing it on a sign when I was on the train once, and it was stuck in my head all day. It clicked in my head and I felt it had a nice ring and rhyme to it. From then on I haven’t seen it since and it kinda bugs me. Maybe I just hallucinated the whole thing, that would be pretty crazy.

The name is still a moderately new one to the south coast’s electronic music scene, how did you come to discover how to produce music? Were there any other projects before?

I first played around with MTV Music Generator 2 when I was about 12/13 I think. Then I cracked FL Studio (guilty) back when it was called FruityLoops and got a feel for basic beats and synths. 4 years down the line, I work in Ableton and purchased myself some midi keys and professional monitors. As for previous projects, I was in a dubstep/electro-house duo named KoNoise up until about a year ago. I think we had the potential to go far and we had label interests but we had different ideas and I think we grew apart a bit. Our stuff’s still on YouTube. I’m definitely grateful that I was exposed to music production early, and have had the chance to build on it by working on previous projects before T93.

How do you feel as an artist you have progressed over the last, say, 18 months?

I only put my first track out there about 5 months ago, so on a fanbase/buzz level it needs work. However, as an artist I think I have improved a great deal. I think the main thing is that I started being serious about what I wanted to do. A lot of people would say that you should enjoy producing music for what it is and not take it too seriously but recently I have been trying to educate myself more and more about things like sound design, mixing, mastering, arrangement, music theory etc. by taking advantage of the internet and books and just completely surrounding myself with information. It takes the game to a whole new level and helps keep me engaged in my music.

Being located in Shoreham, which is just outside Brighton, do you feel you are able to communicate with the artists and promoters within Brighton as well as you want to?

I think the internet has generally made it easier to communicate with artists. It’s made it possible to collaborate with artists from all over the place so I don’t think living outside of Brighton has a major impact on me in terms of communication. As for promoters, I know them through friends and went to college with a few. Still, I think with event promoters it’s better to know them personally than to contact them cold.

Everything we see released from you is always seems to be very well organised, can you take us through the steps between opening a new project file and the finished article appearing on our newsfeed?

I’m in a bit of a rut at the moment where, whenever I open a new project, my mind goes completely blank. Recently I’ve just been hitting beats on my desk using things around me to get in the zone then translating it to the computer, banging out percussive style beats and then building over the top of it. Then thinking about what samples might fit well and tweaking synths etc. after I’ve got a brief idea of what I want. Mixing and mastering the track takes me ages as I have a mad compulsion about getting it sounding exactly how I want it. I like to put all my tracks out there with my own artwork as I think it can add something to the music. Having a visual element as well as an audio one can really top off the product. The artwork can vary in terms of what I use, for example on, “WildStyle” I sample Big L and the artwork reflects this, same with the Waka Flocka remix. Other times I use photographers and film makers material to work with regarding artwork. The track then goes on my SoundCloud, YouTube etc.

What’s the current situation with releases from you? What do we have to look forward to?

I’m currently working on another EP that I will put up for free download. I took inspiration from artists like Lunice, Hud Mo, everyone on GOOD music, XXYYXX and many more. I want to really spend my time on getting it perfect and I know a couple of engineers that might professionally master it to get it sounding nice and crispy.

In the near future, do you want to expand your production style in any way? Maybe work with vocalists or live musicians as well as your current arsenal of production ammunition?

I’m currently trying to reach out to rappers and work with vocalists so if your reading this and your game, hit me up on my email (t93music@hotmail.com). Another thing I want to experiment with is really upping my percussion game, like adding little knocks and drums hits and using them creatively as part of my music.

Apart from releases, what else do we have to look forward to from yourself?

Rumour has it that T93 is collabing with Hucci, but it’s up in the air at the moment but definitely watch this space.

Written By Jay Mcdougall

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