SYZ – Roses EP – Review


Whenever a Brighton based producer appears to be on the up it is always a very exciting time. The newest addition to Brighton based label Cream Collective is none other than SYZ. This EP is a fantastic showcase of what SYZ is all about in terms of production styles, melodies and his general musical background. Prior to release, three singles were given out for free through the Cream Collective SoundCloud page.

The first thing we notice about every track on the EP, from “Flamingo” to “Indigo” is that choppy, crunchy style of drums which seems to be creeping into to a lot of peoples production styles as of late. The difference with SYZ is that his rough cut style of drum processing somehow adds a laid back smoothness to every composition created. In the title track for the EP “Roses” for instance, SYZ’s drum manipulation is so off beat and quirky that it almost acts as a separate entity fueling the rest of the instrumentation.

Now we move onto Ethereal. Fantastic use of that oh so classic reversed violin sound amongst chilling operatic vocal samples and rising synths patterns which genuinely make it feel like the room is swaying with you. In fact, this swaying sensation is something occurs nearly all the way through the EP. This is due to SYZ’s precise use of side chaining, which allows different instruments to pulsate around each other without reducing the overall volume of the track.

Flamingo is similar to Ethereal, except it takes a more Eskmo-like route in terms of the synthesis used. The whiny high ended sounds circulate the roof of the composition as the syncopated percussive stabs and reverberating drums meditate on the lower levels. The whiny noises are diminished as quickly as they were devised however, and we move onto to Indigo. More Trap-like in its arrangement and stylistic elements, blessed with a dosage of SYZ’s stunning vocal sample collection.

Overall this is a fantastic project for the Brighton man, and this looks to be the first of many projects alongside Cream Collective leading to a very bright future! The EP is available for download below!

Words by Jay McDougall (@SleepYGee1)

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