Sox – Winning & Chilling – Review


In a time where the Grime scene seemed like it was going to crumble and disappear into the deep, dark hole of irrelevance, Jammer brought LOTM3 in an attempt to keep the decorated scene alive.

With LOTM3 came a number of new hungry MCs. It brought MCs from the Midlands and up North into a spotlight usually reserved for Londoners (unless your name was Devilman). One MC that stood out, for many reasons, was Sox, representing the Birmingham-based crew Invasion Alert. With his bright choice of clothing and unusual style, he has managed to work his way up the Grime ladder since LOTM3.

The next project to land in the box is a result of his hard work since LOTM3, his debut album; Winning and Chilling. This album, on first listen, is refreshingly nostalgic. With contemporary, yet classic sounding Grime instrumentals mixed with his unique flow and lyrics. One thing I like about Sox as an MC is he keeps it calm throughout his verses, a lot of Grime MCs fall victim to thinking that shouting very loud is the way to spit to Grime. This is not the case and Sox is very aware that it is not the case.

Stand out tracks on this album if you’re looking for that classic Grime sound are Winning and Chilling, Brum to Ibiza, Anymore, Go F*ck Urself, I’m Not Stupid and Horizon. These tracks feature productions from Preditah and Mr. Snowman who are two very credible Grime producers who bring their classic sounds to the album.

The album also features a garage type track in Higher which shows Sox’s versatility and musical range.

I feel that this album proves that Sox is not just another MC trying to stand out by wearing outlandish clothing.

This album proves that Sox is a problem, as no one else sounds like him. He is definitely an MC to watch, which is not hard to do when he spits in a Spongebob Squarepants Christmas hoodie, colour coordinated to his eyeballs.


Grab the album now! Highly recommended for Grime fans looking for a refreshing, yet classic sounding Grime album.

Grime is very much alive, people!

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