“Lose yourself to find the answers” – We look at Jam Baxter’s new release


When it comes to originality and innovation within the genre, Jam Baxter is renowned for his unorthodox approach, leading to some fantastic creations. ‘…So We Ate Them Whole’ is the latest project in his ever more impressive discography and really does make a point of pushing the boundaries within underground hip hop.

This mark of innovation is set from early on, primarily in Baxter’s choice of instrumentals. Sounds range from the almost dancehall like drum structure of ‘Caravan’, to the glitched out and highly sidechained ‘Everything’ instrumental. These unusual backing tracks allow Baxter to step out of the typical “UK hip hop” style of rap delivery and switch his flows up on multiple occasions. In ‘Leash’ and ‘Leash (Cont.)’, for instance, he explores more speedy style of delivery over two more highly experimental beats.

SWATW CD Backcover 1440

It is nigh on impossible to decipher every single Jam Baxter lyric. He is similar to fellow High Focus member Edward Scissortongue in the way that the beauty of the structure alone is complicated enough to work through. Before you even get to the majority of the complex metaphors being used, you are bombarded with numerous unconventional rhyme schemes making it almost impenetrable.

This could be seen as a good thing or a bad thing, it really depends on what you want to hear, however this poetic approach certainly places Jam Baxter into his own lane entirely as there is no way you could categorise him alongside most UK rappers.

This is definitely another superb release from Jam Baxter and the High Focus camp. However, I would recommend setting aside a serious amount of time to listen through it multiple times or you could be lost within minutes.

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