Soundscape | Concorde 2, Brighton | 1.9.13


First of all, I’d like to give a massive shout out to the bands that behaved themselves throughout the night and didn’t cause a fuss. I’d also like to give a massive shout out to Concorde 2 and Jemima for arranging and hosting the entire gig and giving Soapbox coverage for the photography and the review. All views expressed are my own and not necessarily those of Soapbox.

Now, on with the review:

Luke Fincher:
Luke Fincher is a 17 year old R&B singer/songwriter whose voice goes beyond the term “angelic.” I can’t give his voice enough praise. Luke Fincher as the opening act was a brilliant choice and having the pleasure to see him a second time live and seeing the progression he’s made within the six months is incredible. Acts like this make gigs so much more enjoyable. Luke Fincher is truly a unique act, there is no other performer in Brighton that sounds like him and his quartet. Overall, an incredible performance. I would more than happily buy his EP once it’s released. His voice is timeless.


Indigo Beach:
Indigo Beach are a four piece indie pop/rock band from Brighton, consisting of a lead singer/lead guitarist, rhythm guitarist, bassist and drummer. To say the very least, they were average. The lead singers vocals weren’t strong enough to overpower the sound of the other members of the band. Most of his notes were flat, he tried reaching a pitch his vocal chords simply couldn’t get to. Their riffs were very samey through every song, the only noticeable change within each song was the drum beat, in which I have to give props to as their drummer is very talented. Their third song was inspired heavily by Alt-J. Their drum beat and bass riffs were almost identical to Breezeblocks, but unfortunately the singers voice just didn’t mesh well with the sound. My main critique of this band is definitely the riffs, there weren’t enough solos and there wasn’t anything that really struck me as “amazing” in their music.


Monastery are a four piece Indie Rock band, consisting of a lead singer/lead guitarist, rhythm guitarist, bassist and drummer. They were switched from 8th to 3rd which was a good call from Jemima, as the acts that late within the gig were on another tier. It was the first time I’ve seen them live or even heard of them and they were okay. They had strong vocals, a decent sound and a good drummer. Their music got the crowd moving which the act before had failed to do. They played 3 notes on the guitar, which was simple but effective and it worked well. There was nothing over the top about the band at all, which was nice to see. They knew the sound they strived for and they knew how to achieve it and achieved it, they did. Kudos to them.


Vaude Villains:
Vaude Villains are a five piece hip-hop/rock band, consisting of a rapper, lead guitarist, rhythm guitarist, bassist and drummer. Now this band was very… interesting. They certainly knew how to put on a show and to say they were energetic would be an understatement. They knew how to please the crowd with showmanship. As for their music, they had a unique integration of genres. It was nice seeing a band that had a different sound. My only piece of advice for the band is for the front man to keep his t-shirt on, it was cringey and over the top. There’s having fun and then there’s being weird.


Golding are a four piece Indie Rock band, consisting of a lead singer/lead guitarist, rhythm guitarist, bassist and drummer. These lads were easily my top three of the night, I absolutely loved their set. Their riffs were amazing, their solos were amazing, their lyrics were amazing and their sound was amazing. They set the standard for the other acts to live up to. The synergy between them was like clockwork, all the pieces fit together perfectly. Their new song “Dead” was great as well. They had brilliant crowd interaction and good showmanship. I would happily buy their EP.


The Dates:
The Dates are a four piece indie pop band, consisting of a lead singer/lead guitarist, rhythm guitarist, bassist and a drummer. The strongest points of this band were definitely the drummer, the bassist and the guitar riffs. The weakest point was the singer. Bearing in mind I was in the pit, a meter away from the stage, I could barely hear what he was singing. If you were to ask me to recite any of the lyrics, I wouldn’t have a clue what they were. Other than that, the sound produced by the instrumentalists of the band was easily one of the best, to such an extent; they started the first mosh pit of the night.


Lhuna are a five piece alternative gypsy chill/folk/alternative rock/electronic band, consisting of a lead singer/lead guitarist/synth player, a rhythm guitarist, a bassist, a saxophonist and a drummer. Everything appealed to me about this band, I can’t fault them at all. The lead singers voice was pitch perfect, his lyrics were meaningful and I loved his usage of synth pads. This band actually had an introductory instrumental before they started playing, which I always enjoy; it kind of sets the atmosphere of the music. These lads were also in my top 3 of the night, along with Golding and The Basis. This band also has a very rare trait of sounding as good as they do recorded, live. I loved the mix up of genres and the versatility of the band and despite heckling/distractions from friends in the crowd; they maintained concentration and played an amazing set. This band has a lot of potential and I wouldn’t be surprised if, when they’re older, they get signed to a big label.


Nylon Ostrich:
Nylon Ostrich are a five piece indie rock band, consisting of a lead singer/keyboardist, a lead guitarist/lead singer, rhythm guitarist, bassist and drummer. Now this band made an awfully bold move covering “When The Sun Goes Down – Arctic Monkeys” and I have to give massive props to the drummer for actually doing a good job, not many drummers can keep up with Matt Helders. The voice didn’t really fit the song though, you have to be Northern to sing any of their songs, you can’t have the same effect as Alex Turner if you have a Southern accent and some words don’t even rhyme if you don’t have the accent. Other than that, I enjoyed them. They were good and I’m happy they got switched; Monastery wouldn’t have been a good choice for this far in the set list. Nylon Ostrich had great crowd interaction and I enjoyed the switch between singers, it adds a bit of spice.


The Basis:
The Basis are a five piece indie rock band, consisting of a lead singer/harmonicist, a lead guitarist, a rhythm guitarist, a bassist and a drummer. Easily my favourite act of the night. Whenever I see that this band is playing, I know they’re going to be good. I love the versatility of this band; they’re not afraid to try something new and with a band this young they’ll keep trying to find their sound and still manage to sound incredible. The synergy of this band is great too, they operate like clockwork; everything fits perfectly. I loved their mix up of pace and as usual, their cover of “Laura” by Scissor Sisters which always gets the crowd pumped. I also thoroughly enjoyed “Into The Night” (which you can hear on their soundcloud). Drum intervals, solos, usage of other percussion, heavy bass riffs, great lyrics and catchy riffs. This band are going places and I’d make sure you see them at every opportunity you can while their ticket prices are still cheap.

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