Soul in the wilderness – We listen to Rag N Bone Man’s new album ‘Wolves’


Since performing all around the country as the lead support act for Bastille, the words on everyone’s lips have been ‘When will Rag N Bone Man release an album’.

The moment is finally here. ‘Wolves’ is his brand new feature length project and what a fitting name; the man is an absolute animal. With his incredibly powerful blues-esc vocal range, this album was always going to be sensational.

It kicks off with the touch of class that is ‘Rueben’s Train’. To put it in one word: phenomenal. The rich, beautifully harmonized vocals of Rag N Bone are all that are needed from start to finish, as the entire backing instrumental consists of nothing else and remains magical.

The lack of much major instrumental harmonization seems to be a reoccurring feature which has clearly been a musical ideal based at the very heart of the project. Take ‘Life in Her Yet’ for instance, except from a minimalized guitar lead and piano chords, the majority of the substance in the track is made up of layers and layers of vocal recordings, which are what give it that organic sound and uplifting feel.

This project is a fantastic example of knowledgeable and extremely artist specific production. The lo-fi numbing which has been applied to the majority of the instrumentation throughout allows Rag N Bone’s vocal lines to sit softly yet shine through the whole mix. It’s the fact that the album sounds so under-produced, yet still hits home incredibly hard that shows the true quality of Rag N Bone Man.

The tracks in which this theme seems to disappear however are still powerful. ‘Guilty’ and ‘Sirens’ have both been constructed with the sharper, grittier areas of Rag n Bone’s vocal range in mind. Both tracks are built with punchier drum arrangements and more obvious instrumental leads and yet the vocal lines remain prominent and are as powerful as ever.

With a couple of great features thrown into the bundle, ‘Wolves’ is the perfect package we were all wishing for. It is currently available for free download via the SoundCloud link below, so you should go and download it, like right now.

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