Snow Patrol – Fallen Empires (Kasket Remix)

One of the most popular artists to be featured on SoapBox has just released a very highly anticipated piece of work. Kasket is back, who we previously featured on a behind the scenes video shoot for the music video to his release “August Seems To Fade”, this time striking gold with his official remix for Snow Patrol. The remix is for “Fallen Empires,” the title track for their 6th studio album, released in 2011. It takes on many features of Kasket’s own production, that of which we have fallen in love with. It houses a very spiritual, almost film score type introduction, layered with the original vocals. This is followed by an extremely funky set of percussive layers along with a wonky sounding synth lead, again accompanied by stylish vocals. We caught up with Kasket briefly to catch what he thought of the project.

Jay: Firstly, how did this remix project come about for you?

Kasket: I got offered it from Renaat, who is the head of Apollo (R&S.) He asked me if I would be interested in remixing a snow patrol track. I was pretty happy when he asked me. I am a fan of the band’s music so was awesome to be asked to be a part of something with them.

Jay: What were your influences behind the remix, for instance what angles did you want to experiment with when you first acquired the parts?

Kasket: Well after hearing the original I was pretty stuck for a while as it was wicked how the track built up, and carried on with the four-to-the-floor beat and ended on such a high… but when I heard that big synth bass sound they use I started chopping that up and playing around with it… then it just started grooving from there more into a shuffle-ish groove and it all started rolling from there.

Jay: Can you describe this remix in 3 words?

Kasket: That’s a tough one, I would have to say chaotic, organic and slush!

Jay: Fair enough! One final question, what have we got to look forward to from yourself in the near future?

Kasket: I have a new EP coming out on Apollo records witch will be accompanied with a music video, and then a debut album on Apollo. I also have a collaboration with “Statix” is in the works! There are other remixes in the pipeline as well. Oh, and I’m putting out a “pay as you choose” mini album out on Bandcamp at some point!

The remix can be heard and downloaded for free below.

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