Signals. release a live video for “Bird Bath”


Signals., a Southampton-based math-pop group, have released a video for their song “Bird Bath”, filmed live at Portsmouth Guildhall.

Mixing Ellie’s smooth flowing vocals with ecstatic instrumentals, “Bird Bath” will transport you to that euphoric little space in your mind where birds fly around chirping happily.

“For us, the song is kinda based on ‘the slow and steady wins the race’. We have been a band now for over six years and it has turned in to such a huge part of us four as people, and I guess we don’t want it to burn out fast. Signals. has always been about growth for us personally, not necessarily growth of the band itself, and we have been through a lot together. Bird Bath was written in the first year after graduating uni when we were all trying to find our feet, so it’s a bit sassy and bitter and generally about wanting to do so much but not quite grasping the balance, and it’s become a really fun live set closer.” – Ellie, vocalist/pianist

Check the song out below!

You can see our photos from their set @ Komedia back in June HERE
Signals. can be followed on theirĀ Facebook, and their music can be found onĀ Bandcamp.

Words and photos by LukeBatemanPhoto

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