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Shox is a rinse fm DJ, who also produces, and has a really good EP. We sat him down to talk about how he got into DJing, producing, and what he had lined up for the future.

We started off by asking him how the Rinse FM link first came about “I started DJing on pirate radio at 16, I cut my teeth in terms of DJing on pirates rather than clubs and played on various stations until I became part of the management team on a popular North London pirate and that’s when I started messing around with Logic and making tunes which at that time were classed as ‘Funky’.”

He carried on to say “I took a break from that station after its popularity starting bringing heat and not long after around some time in 2010 I got a call from Geeneus asking me if I’d like to do a guest slot on Rinse which of course I said yes too. I was always a massive fan of Rinse, both in terms of musical content and their forward vision and broadcast ideas which other stations couldn’t really test. After I did the show I got a call the next week asking if I’d like a regular slot which of course I happily said yes too and the rest is history.”

Since Rinse FM was made legal, some people have complained that the station has lacked some of the raw energy it had prior to the switch, we asked Shox’s opinion on this and he replied with “I think the only changes in content have been additions and updates to Breakfast and Drive and I think they again the content and approach to the shows has been on point as standard for Rinse.”

He went on to talk about what the station has always been doing, by saying “The content on Rinse constantly changes, that’s because the music in our scenes constantly change and Rinse has pioneered many genres and sounds which are now part of popular culture in our society that it’ll always change, but that’s what keeps it on top in terms of broadcast and branding.”

Sometimes it can be seen as a burden to only work as a DJ and not a producer, but sometimes it can work to your advantage. Shox said “It’s a blessing and a curse in my eyes. And that’s specific to me in my approach. I look at this way really and think ‘Ahh all those years I was just DJing I should have got into producing way earlier’ but then on the other hand if I hadn’t spent all those years DJing how would my music sound today or would I even be producing? Just one of those questions where the answer will always change I suppose.”

We went on to talk about how this brand new EP came about despite him being so immersed with DJing. “The ‘I Know EP’ is my first EP in just under a year. I did the odd remix here and there but in the last 12 months I was going through the motions which probably every producer has done where you question whether your musical output was exactly where you wanted it to be or did it sound like you wanted or where trying to make it sound. “

He went on to say “The break did me good. I tried and tested loads of new hardware and listened to artists and producers I never have before then applied that to the same theory of making my tunes predominately for the clubs and the ‘I Know EP’ is the first of many I’m getting ready to release.”

As well as playing his own stuff on the air, Shox is known for his fantastic high profile selection of tracks, so we asked him who he most looked forward to hearing new material from. “I’m really digging MssngNo at the min and my boy Mele has been quietly stacking an arsenal of new hits I reckon so I can’t wait to check those too! Also there is some new DVA and also Roska coming soon plus Toddla is back at it so watch this space I’d say!”

It looks like it’s going to be a very busy year for Shox with projects left write and centre. “For the minute I’m concentrating on my next two EP’s and making sure they have an impact and hopefully are received well. I’m also about ten tracks deep into a folder which is just labelled ‘Unknown’ which has some really exciting and very different styles which people would probably not expect from me so I’m excited to see what comes of that too.” As well as this it looks like he will be going into event management, he told us “I’ll also be helping curate some nights which will be new territory for me and I plan to revive my label Hundred2ONE and get back to actively releasing guys and girls I’m feeling which I always loved and the same old of playing gigs and radio!”

To round everything off, we asked if he had anything else to say, he replied spectacularly with “How is it possible 26 countries can’t find this missing plane? We want answers!”

Interview By Jay McDougall (@SleepYGee1)

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