Shox – I Know EP – Review


The latest helping of bass driven madness from Fat! Records is finally here, in the form of this brand new EP from East London-based producer Shox. Since joining the Rinse FM roster a number of years ago, he has become renowned for having one of the liveliest Funky House and Bassline set lists on the station and indeed, the UK.

His new EP features three absolute scorchers, all equipped with a different vibe, yet each as deadly to a dance floor as the last. The title track entitled ‘I Know’ is one of the smoothest pieces of EDM production I have heard so far this year, which is something considering how hectic the wobbly bass leads are. This track gives off the vibe of a rework of Benga’s classic ’26 Basslines’ track, yet with a cleaner mix and a more interesting overall composition.

From here we move onto ‘Straight In’, which seems to have been constructed for more of a Deep House audience. The metallic synth which plays the lead melody is joined by a moog-like bass instrument shortly after, and overall the combination of these elements with well processed drum beats and the occasional typical House vocal sample works pretty well.

The last track on the EP sums up why this EP is one of the newer additions to Redlight’s set lists. A more retro drum pattern pulsates throughout the track, leaving a perfect platform over and under which the rest of the percussive samples and bass sounds and manoeuvre their way around the mix.
This is a three track EP jam packed with versatility and replay value, and is sure to be one of the releases on replay this summer. Be sure to purchase the track by clicking HERE.

Words By Jay McDougall (@SleepYGee1)

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