Shotty Horroh – The Wall EP – Review


Shotty Horroh returns from his most recent album ‘Xombie Xoo’ with his new project. “The Wall” EP consists of five tracks that have been released together as a way of putting out a few songs that were not needed for the album. This, however, doesn’t mean the tracks are of a low standard, a couple of these tracks we prefer to certain tracks on Xombie Xoo.

The Wall is obviously the title track of the EP, and for good reason. All the elements of the instrumental clearly allow Shotty to Manoeuvre freely around his rap comfort zone with skippy flows concealing some very intricate lyricism. The title of the track represents the walls around the estate he grew up around. This track also features Tyler Daley and Ridz over the chorus section.

Ridz’s vocals are also featured in “Cold” and “Fool.” The pair seem to have quite an audible chemistry when they work together, which is probably why Ridz has featured so frequently throughout Shotty’s recent projects. Shotty Horroh is often perceived as being very Americanized in his delivery and writing style. Whether this is true or not, the messages he scribes within his verses are often veiled by his faster style of rapping. If you actually listen to what he says, every track tells a detailed story.

The bonus track on the album “Tattoo Baby” follows the style of his ‘detailed story’ tracks and is probably the strongest track on the EP. Shotty discusses a conversation he had with a girl about his tattoos. The occasional guitar riff that appears through out the arrangement, combined with Shotty’s laid back vocal delivery both contribute to making the song very catchy.

This solid body of work from Shotty Horroh has to place him among the best in the UK at the moment. Be sure to purchase the EP from Bandcamp using the link below.

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Written By Jay McDougall (@Sleepygee1)

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