Shotty Horroh and Flexplicit – Legendary Mixtape



The “Legendary Mixtape” is the most recent collaboration project between Manchester giants; Shotty Horroh and Flexplicit. It’s a project which seems like it has been long in the making as the pair has collaborated multiple times in recent months, one of these collaborations being “Monkey Business”.

The primary thing that immediately needs to be praised is the work ethic both artists clearly show. Shotty Horroh was recently voted Battle Rapper of the year by Don’t Flop and has been performing all over the world in the last few months. Flexplicit has also been performing around the country, alongside battling at Don’t Flop events as well.

From the download we can’t tell weather this was a planned project however, as the track listing is in no particular order. This however automatically gives the album a more underground and personal feel, as you can see the project has been put together by the two artists rather than a major label calling the shots. The whole tape feels very genuine, rough cut instrumentals layered with catchy,harmonised choruses and hooks proceed through out.

A Large range of content can be found throughout the download, from more dance floor orientated material such as “Tick Tock” and “Beg Friend” all the way through to more technical lyricism on tracks such as “Wolves” or “Track 2 Clean Cut.” This surely shows us that the artists are very versatile and are able to adapt to more than one area of Hip Hop.

The pair definitely complement each other very well in terms of content as well as vocal presence. This isn’t just because of they share a Mancunian accent, its due to their ability to shift their vocal cadence accordingly to fit into each tracks arrangement alongside each other. Although there are a few vocal recordings on the tape which seem a little too rough cut, they add the general home-made feel of the tape.

Overall the project is somewhat of a success. Although you can feel that both artists aren’t performing to their complete potential, they it pull off none the less. A solid set of finished tracks which are well worth the download, you can do so by clicking this link.

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