“Infectious Stuff” – Why Seinabo Sey’s latest track is one for your Spotify playlist


The opening vocals on Seinabo Sey’s ‘Hard Time’ evokes memories of Moby’s vocal work on his quintessential 1999 ‘Play’ album. The saturated reverberation effects are key to this track, and are used rhythmically and melodically, allowing the driving bass to complement rather than dominate. Whilst catchy, it teases the listener with several build-ups, yet never spreads its wings percussively, which on first listen may disappoint. Instead of dropping percussively, the warm keys and inclusion of a simple, stabbing guitar riff form the mainstay of the fuller sections.

The subtle layering of vocal harmonies paradoxically create space and add fullness to the track. On repeat listens one realises that whilst never reaching its expected climax, the gradual constructive then deconstructive layering forms this tune’s appeal.

Soulful chanting continues throughout, until the finale, when, just as you may tire, Seinabo’s wonderfully androgynous vocal switches up. She effortlessly demonstrates the power of her singing, taking control of the stripped-down penultimate section of the track. Her voice combined with the minimal instrumentation is a high point, just before the big cinematic snares bring the track to a close.

Infectious stuff.

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