Rum Committee – Exclusive Interview & Cypher

On 9th February, SoapBox met with the Rum Committee to talk about recent happenings, what to expect from the 10 piece hip-hop collective in the near future and to discuss some of their work as individuals. Check out what was said after the booze and fags rolled through.

Rum Committee, firstly, who have we got in the building?

Ceezlin, Prince Kong, Bones, Big Gizzy, Rag & Bone Man and we got Bukio over there in the corner.

Ceezlin, it’s becoming a regular occurrence, what do we have on the way from yourself?

C: To be honest, from the kid, I’ve got thousands of projects, I’m working with loads of different producers, I have projects with Glitch, a couple of EP’s with Glitch in fact, ED, Schizzas, Wizard, Ruff Snippets. It’s a never-ending list!

We heard tale of an industry head- what is going on there?

Ceez: No comment. Joking, I have got a meeting on Monday to wrap a final deal, its been a long time coming and it’s still all up in the air, but its good shit for sure!

Prince Kong, we had the Mad Gorillas Project in 2012, whats going on with yourself and Hatter? Is there anything new in the works?

Kong: Yeah for certain, Hatter has been doing his own album, so its been on the back burner, in the mean time I’ve been working on projects with Rum Com obviously. I think Hatter has finished his album now though, I should probably hit him up to get shit popping. There will be more projects though for sure, we will try to make this one a bit bigger, try to get a few more artists to feature on it etcetera.

Secondly, do you think you will ever get further than the second round in a SlipJam rhyme date?

Kong: I’ll keep entering until I do, I don’t care anymore, the chicks are never down, one girl just jumped through and chose Adam with his poetic ways. Out to SlipJam though for real its a fun do! Fuck her, fuck rhyme date. Fuck poetry.

Now we jump back around to Rag’n’Bone, obviously we had your EP ‘Bluestown’ drop in late 201-, how has the response been to the album and what else do we have to expect?

RNB: Its been pretty good, from the publicity I have got quite a few shows. Its sold alright as well, so overall quite well. Basically I’m trying to get a video or two popping off as soon as possible as well.. As for the rest of it, I’m practicing with a band at the moment, to come out with a blues EP. It will probably be for free download. I also have a project going to press in the next few weeks with Leaf Dog, featuring Sonnyjim. That whole project was produced by Mr Leaf Dog as well. I have a track with Maestro alongside everything else. We got an album ready to go, but it will probably popping off late this summer.

Gi3mo, we haven’t heard any solo projects from yourself in a while, what is the state on any solo projects, or is it 100% Rum Com at the moment?

Giz: The reason is, a lot of behind the scenes stuff, with Rum Committee, I deal with beats, I’m a busy man, I do workshops and a lot of other projects which I’m currently sitting on. I have at least 2 in the pipeline ready to go. I’m working a lot on the committee mixtape, overseeing the project, making sure everything comes together, I also did the artwork for that. So at the moment we have two projects ready to go, the first will be a mixtape, next might be an album or an EP. I want to keep the quality level high, obviously I did a lot of work on Bones’ EP, I must be sitting on about 40 to 50 tracks on my own, constipated with tracks haha, release that shit. I’m not gonna say any dates yet but expect to see stuff very soon! Also lastly, me and Ceezlin are currently involved in the Don’t Flop Doubles tournament, so watch out for those battles!

Is the work strictly Rum Com production wise, or are the projects all over the place?

Ceez: That’s the thing; Dan’s doing something with Adam The Rapper. Rum Committee; its 10 people so whatever we’re making it’s Rum Com.
Giz: I’m sitting on so many projects at the moment, you want to work on projects all the time. I want to maybe even put a beat album out perhaps.

Ceez: All the album stuff is all Committee producers, a couple of producers who are involved, but it’s all in-house production, we have possibly got Transformer involved, Jai Genius, 50 Cent, ECT…

Giz: Everyone is on there, Dilla is involved, Birdman, its all up in the air at the moment, any producers on there though are producers that are closely involved with the committee.

Bukio, obviously the work for the graphics projects whats the story with that, how did you get into it?

Buk: I don’t know really, self promotion I guess, the start of last year, fully working full-time trying to get the ball rolling on the illustration stuff, won the competition with Stig, stuff for Wordplay magazine.

Giz: He won’t say it, but he is on a higher level, its crazy, compared to other stuff we are seeing. He wont say it cause its a humble dude, but compared it makes stuff look like year 10 school projects, Buckio’s 5 minute projects are better than most peoples lifetime work.

Rum Committee as a whole, what do we have to look forward to, whats in the pipeline?

Giz: ‘Committee is Still Boss’, that’s the next project coming out very very soon! We are gigging all the time and supporting big names. I think were doing 13 festivals or something crazy like that. We’re banking tracks for an album as well, we talk about these tracks were sitting on, but we got piles of stuff separate for an album, we move projects from folder to folder, again everything is up in there!

Kong: After all the shows, no money, not even free drinks, You start showing your serious, they start to take you serious, its true,” too many people in this game try to fuck you about, but we’re patient people.

Giz: 2013 is so busy compared to 2012. We’ve been waiting on a vinyl release, Independent said we wanna make vinyl. They’re good guys over there, shouts young money cash money, they’re going to fund our vinyl projects. We’re also going to release the Fuck Up The Party video, which is footage over the last year.

Kong: It’s my favourite thing, shows you look back on and it makes you remember why you do it.

Ceez: Remember the Thriller video, yeah basically that times ten.

Giz: There are times you’re just waiting, getting miserable but sticking with shit shows, but you remember it pays off. We’ve supported Pharoahe Monch and Doom in this last year, we might show a secret viewing of the video before you guys leave. Also to throw it in we are supporting Wu Tang Clan later in the year which is a big look!

Any other shout-outs?

Giz: Shouts to Brighton hip hop community, shouts to London Zoo, Eat Good Records, Stig, J Genius, Don’t Flop, everyone helping the movement look good, big shouts to Bar Code and Tenchoo. Schizzas and Wizard, I And Daniels Mandem, SMB. Shout outs to SoapBox as well, SB TV, shouts to everyone doing their thing!

Check RumCom’s website for all of their links and all of their own material, and be sure to check out the video above!

Interview by Jay McDougall

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