Rum Committee: ‘Committee is Still Boss’ – Review

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We at Soapbox strong supporters of Brighton based boozers Rum Committee here at SoapBox, so we had to grab a copy of the second installment of their mixtape series when it dropped. Continuing on from their debut mixtape “Committee is Boss” and the success of their 2011 album “Boozetown” was never going to be an easy task given the height that they set the bar at, but Rum Committee have certainly retained their standards with “Committee is Still Boss.” The 28 track tape showcases the different members of Rum Com and their individual talents, but it is their collective strength that really shines through the whole release.

The whole project has a serious underground feel. The whole tape comes across as a a family project, in the sense that it is a professional, yet home grown release, with everyone involved being part of a tight-knit group. The majority of the production on the tape has come from producers inside the Committee, which is one of the reasons they are able to retain their raw style, which sets them apart from other UK hip-hop groups.

You can tell different members of the group have been working on separate projects but this is always first priority. All of the tracks in which the whole group are involved are probably the strongest on the tape, especially those featuring the Committee’s secret weapon Rag’n’Bone Man. “Tea Leaves” and “Summerjam” are probably the most attractive tracks on the whole project, due to the range of artists involved in the recording and Rag’n’Bone’s superb vocals blessing the chorus sections.

Tracks such as “Committee On Tour” by Ceezlin, and “Top Ten” by Gizmo and Ceezlin demonstrate how versatile the flows and ideas of the Committee really are. Although this is probably to be expected with such a large range of vocalists, this tape demonstrates Rum Committee really are one of the strongest rap groups working in the south at the moment.

As mentioned before, the whole tape has more of an element of showcasing each of the individual members, as there aren’t many tunes featuring the whole of the committee. The numerous features throughout give more of an impression broadcasting the talents of each rapper working with Rum Com. Features come from SonnyJim, Don’t Flop veterans Adam the Rapper and Tenchoo and numerous collaborations with BarCode, another strong group based in Brighton.

The whole project is definitely a success, and with more projects on the way from the collective in the near future, this is the perfect way to keep their fans tuned in with quality material. Be sure to download the project from here! It’s also soon to be released as a deluxe edition on iTunes, keep your eyes peeled…

We’ve embedded the mixtape below so you can have a listen but if you want it for yourself, remember that it’s free!

Written by Jay Mcdougall

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