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Roulette Clothing – Review - Soapbox

Roulette Clothing – Review

Over the last few years, the south coast of the UK has been a hive of creative activity, be it music, film or clothing, more and more people have been putting their minds to work to come up with new ideas to enhance underground culture.

One of these people is Finn Donohue, founder of Roulette Clothing. This is another one of these recent clothing labels that has popped out of the woodwork at just the right time. People are starting to realize that independently branded clothing is the way forward, if we don’t want to all turn into H&M mannequins. The brand itself, is still extremely young as it was only birthed this winter.

The logos themselves are both simple and effective. The t-shirts are inscribed with the name “Roulette” across the centre in a calligraphic style. It’s clear that the brand is young through the size of the store but as we are currently living in world in which less is seen as more, the logo on the t-shirts is perfect for the brand. All the t-shirts on the site are available between small and extra-large. The fittings are quite loose however, making these garments perfect for those who aren’t exactly into wearing skin-tight shirts.


The beanies that are currently on sale are the labels strong point however. The simple circular pattern inside which the brand is written is extremely aesthetically pleasing. The connection between the main us of the word roulette being a roulette wheel, and the circular structure of the logo seem to click instantaneously,making the beanies both memorable and an attractive purchase. The hats themselves are again quite big, and very comfortable to wear. There is nothing worse than an uncomfortable beanie after all.


Be sure to check out the roulette store below!



Written By Jay McDougall (@Sleepygee1)


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