Rinse FM’s Roska thinks that Brighton has the best crowds

Roska (Credit: Rinse FM)

Roska (Credit: Rinse FM)

A few weeks ago we were invited down to Standard Jam’s latest event, which featured two of the UK’s most progressive and influential DJs. One of those present was Rinse FM’s Roska. Over the years there are few producers who have released such a large yet consistent catalogue of music, and I was lucky enough to catch a quick interview with the man himself, in which we had a quick talk about his opinions on the Brighton music scene.

“I don’t think Brighton has changed much to be honest” he argues. “I couldn’t tell you the last show I have played in Brighton and not enjoyed; everyone here is always up for a good time”. How did he feel about the sound issues which occurred during his performance? “It’s not a major thing in places like Brighton where everyone enjoys what is going on, but sometimes it can take it away from a set, depending on how often and how long the issues last.” Is that a resounding vote of approval for the Brighton crowd? “As always”, he replies.

The direction of the discussion then veers off slightly, as we start to talk about Rinse FM. A listener since boy-hood, I’ve seen DJ’s come and go, but Roska is one of the most long-standing in the game. How important does he feel the station is to electronic music in the Britain? He is passionate about it’s influence, describing Rinse as “a major platform which is a good intro into raw music, and something which has many influences from different sides of the UK”.

As well as radio shows, Roska is known for playing a load of festivals every year and showcasing some of the UK’s strongest talent. He has already confirmed appearances at Outlook Festival, Shambala and NASS this year, with a few more to be announced. As well as this, he has a couple of EPs set for release during the second half of 2014. Overall it was a pleasure to meet Roska, and I for one am very excited to see what the rest of the year holds for him.

When asked if there was anything he wanted to mention, he continued to plug his show. “Don’t forget to listen in to my show on Rinse.fm every Tuesday from 7pm GMT”.

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