“Right To Left” – What it’s like to march with the Islamophobic far-right

Can you reason with the EDL? The fact that the organisation has so many off-shoots and branches makes it hard to distinguish between those who claim to be non-racist and those who make their fascist opinions very clearly. This feature documentary by Brighton based Racked Entertainment follows Tommy English, the leader of the ‘LGBT division’ of the EDL, around Brighton during the ‘March for England’ earlier this year. It gives a good insight as to how the minds of the EDL work and how they try and justify their actions. The documentary merely presents subtitled footage of the march, leaving it up to the viewer’s interpretation, and has received praise from both EDL members and anti-fascists.

UPDATE: It appears Right to Left has been taken down following a police complaint. Read why here.

UPDATE 2: Racked Entertainment have re-released a censored version. Watch it below:

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