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Random P & Juvenile Tecnhiques – “I Talk To Myself To Often” – Review - Soapbox

Random P & Juvenile Tecnhiques – “I Talk To Myself To Often” – Review

Title Cover

Throughout the EP there are a series of rough cut vocals. These choppy unorthodox flows add an unexpected charm to the set of vocals layered over the two Juvenile Techniques instrumentals. The style of vocal used from Random P is almost veering on poetry, dramatic pauses and unusual rhyme patterns scatter themselves over the different dimensions of the backing tracks, and it works really well.

Although the project is short, this almost adds to its replay value, the general production and mix standard of the three tracks is very high, meaning you almost miss a lot of the lyricism concealed within. All three tracks consist primarily of a stream of consciousness style of lyricism. Although this is often frowned on, it works well in partnership with the style of instrumentals used. The rhyme schemes used are still quite intricate with some interesting ideas being expressed.

There are only 2 tracks which feature Random P as a vocalist as the middle track entitled “Yellow” exists only as an instrumental skit, which we can’t help but feel has been put in to extend the playtime. Despite this it adds another angle to the project, which overall is solid. In the future we hope to hear longer projects from the duo as there is definitely potential available.

Be sure to download the EP for free from this LINK

Also check out the official video for the title track on the EP – Mr Miyagi

Written by Jay Mcdougall

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