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Shortly after releasing the “I Talk to Myself to Often” EP as a prequel, Random P has finished and released his album “Butterfly Kid” for free download via his Bandcamp page.

Presumably, the album is named after the first track in the running order, which is where we first hear the Butterfly Kid lyric. This chorus block on this opening tune is extremely catchy and sets a really high standard for the rest of the album. Repetition of the “Butterfly Kid” lyric reappears throughout the album and although at some points this seems tiresome or overly repetitive, it does add more a journeying feel when listening through the album from tracks one to thirteen.

The most notable thing about the album is that an individual style of vocal processing seems to of taken place which allows us to easily recognize Random P. This is a great way of imprinting a musical memory into someone’s mind, as a memorable vocal is going to stick around in your head longer than another.

One of the best things to be said about this project is the high standard of production featured throughout the album courtesy of Shift K3Y & Random P. The extended reason why this is a bonus is that due to the clear skill of the producers involved, different styles of Hip Hop and different production methods have been allowed to be incorporated into the track-listing.

For instance, there is a great use of sampling within “Cry Me a River.” This allows for mellow sounding instrumental similar to the title track which has then been blessed with further poetic lyricism. “90’s Kid” and “Best Friend” however seem to hit the other end of the production scale. Both tracks are more heavily bass driven and we would presume these tracks are more intended to be performed live than some of the more mellow tracks on the album.

Another similarity is the far more poetic style of lyric arrangement. It’s very rare that two rhyming words will appear at the same place in two lines. This can sometimes be interpreted as a lack of skill; it seems more like a deliberate style of writing to increase interest in the actual content of what he is saying, rather than just hearing his flow.

Overall this is a great album with a lot of replay value. In fact, it possesses many similar features to the “I Talk to Myself to Often” EP. This has been very well organised, as we were definitely left wanting more after listening to the first EP. The lead up was definitely worth the journey, however!

Download the album now for FREE below!

Written By Jay Mcdougall

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