Rain City Riot – Burning – Review


I know what everyone is thinking, “Oh another house release – how are they going to try and tell us why this one is ground breaking”. As I have stated before, as a genre, house music isn’t the biggest pusher of boats, but it is certainly consistent. Sure producers occasionally take a trip into the frightful outer zones of pop, but they usually return unharmed (well usually).

The latest name to emerge out of the every growing world of house music goes by the name of Rain City Riot and we were granted access to take a quick peek at his new EP on Love & Other. The German producer who now resides in London clearly knows how to put together a track which will appeal to everyone.

Take ‘Burning’ for instance. Despite being quite a simple melodic idea, the use of clever production techniques make the simplicity irrelevant. The sharpness of the cracking snare performs an audible motion which is almost whip-like, adding a whole new dimension to the swing of the rhythm. It’s almost the opposite situation for ‘Eyes Closed’, which consists of very simple rhythmic ideas that are made to sound fantastic through the sheer depth of the different harmonies. Strings, synths, bass it’s all there, slowly bubbling into a luscious crescendo in the second breakdown.

The idea of depth definitely then translates into the third track of the release, except this time there are some additional sexy vocals thrown into the party. Despite the packed introduction, the breakdown gives us a more typically minimalist arrangement of drums, basslines, and electro-pop arpeggiators. It again works due to the flawless frequency spread making the mix sound full. The final track on the EP is perhaps the most experimental. If anything the best way to describe this track would be that it sounds like a bear hug between My Nu Leng and Kidnap Kid. There isn’t much else to say really is there?

This EP signifies the arrival of Rain City Riot and he has written his name in the setting cement that is this modern era of house music. Be sure to check out the release via the SoundCloud link below.

Words By Jay McDougall (@SleepYGee1)

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