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Welcome to our brand new series of Q&A sessions. The ever-growing number of people spreading their success over the internet these on days means there is a high demand for more in depth questions being asked to different producers, musicians and song writers. This is why we have decided to start up this series and really get to the bottom of what makes each of these people so good at what they do.  To kickstart the series we have none other than the Brighton based producer Dismantle. With a string of successful releases under his belt, along with regular radio airtime and bookings coming out of his ears, Dismantle has been one to watch over the last few years and the future looks even brighter.

Firstly, congratulations on the recent success, as we know you started your production & DJ’ing career alongside Gangoon Dubz, how did that first link up come about & when?

Thanks man. I’ve always been childhood friends with Hizzle (co-founder of GGD), and we’d been mixing drum’n’bass for a long while before I’d even started to make Dubstep. I guess it came about when I started making it [Dubstep]. He had started up the group with a few other people who I hadn’t properly met at the time, like and Keiron and Hannah, and they liked my tracks so I guess it started from there really. This was back in 2007/08. I was too young to get into clubs or DJ in clubs yet so making tunes was what I was only doing at that time.

Do you still manage to get to work with them as much as you would want to, or have the different directions you seem to of taken stylisticly made that harder to achieve these days?

People get older and times change, but we’re always going to be doing stuff together regardless. Doing different ‘styles’ of music didn’t ever make a problem, we will always release any type of music as long as it’s good. I, and I say this for all of us, will always want to work as much as we would want to, but with Hizzle, myself and other artists in the camp creating new projects and working with other labels, it can sometimes mean sitting down and working around it, but it will never create a problem we can not solve.

Obviously the last 18 months has been crazy for you, how did the meteoric jump to where you are now come about in the first place?

I guess I got bored of making the half-time 140 stuff as everything had been getting done and the scene was saturated within 12 months after 2009. I had been listening to house (mainly Dutch house at that point) for a long while, so I started making stuff like early Afrojack stuff but at 140. It got picked up by Jakes, TC and a few Bristol heads before my track ‘Warp’ was played on Rinse FM by Kutz. He then sent it on to people like Breakage and Shy FX and then I got a phone call from Shy about 2 weeks later asking if he could sign it. I couldn’t believe it at the time. I then made a track called Computation, and that got sent round to everyone from Hatcha to Skream & Benga to Annie Mac and Diplo and I guess that was when people started to hear things. I had some releases after that on a few different labels and remixes come in and I started to play out a lot more after that.

Not to take anything away from any of the others, but out of the Labels you have linked up with so far, who are you most chuffed to of worked together with?

All of them. It’s great to work with people and it’s a great way to network. I am extremely happy that any label has put out my work because it’s a compliment to your music, whether it be back in 2008 with Gangoon or any of the other labels that have put out my music. There would be a lot of names to mention, so I’m not going to bore you and go through everyone! Haha

What is you current production set up, hardware & software?

Simple. iMac, Logic 9, soundcard and a pair of Adam A7x monitors and a keyboard obviously. Looking into getting a proper studio very soon though but they don’t come about that often down here.

If you could work with any artist or vocalist you haven’t already, who would it be & why?

I’ve always wanted to work with Shy FX. Some ideas have been thrown about so hopefully something will be there soon in the pipeline.

Out of your work, what are you most proud of?

Anything that has came out vinyl. Having a physical copy of your work is amazing and its hard to come by these days.

Finally, what do we have to look forward to in the near future from yourself?

A 5 track EP will be coming out very soon, just finishing that up. Working with vocalists and stuff so the process is taking longer than just putting a load of tracks out. I have just done a remix for Sub Focus’ new single ‘Endorphins’ which is out now, and did a remix of a No Doubt track ‘Push and Shove’ with Major Lazer.

Catch dismantle at @Dismantle_ggd or on his Facebook, here!

Be sure to let us know who you want to be interviewed next!

Written by Jay Mcdougall

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