PVC – She Can Get It / You Know My Man – Review


Brighton truly is simply a hub for underground music in all scenes. The amount of artists to be emerging every month is truly astounding. PVC is one of these names, who appears to have shot straight to the high ground within the ever growing Bassline scene. His latest release is set to boost his resume even further, as it is the release set to kick start DJQ’s brand new label Q Recordings.

The EP consists of 2 tracks, the first being entitled ‘She Can Get it’. The combo of repeating American vocal samples combined with an extremely catchy bassline make up the majority of this track. The drum processing throughout is simply flawless making everything sound crisp. There are often remarks made about Bassline music, claiming that it all sounds the same. This is what brings the best out in producers, as having to make something new out of something old is one of the hardest skills to pull off.

In ‘You Know My Man’ this is what PVC has done. All of the different sounds used to make up the lead bass melody are all sounds we have heard before, but they are very rarely arranged this creatively. When you layer this creativity over the slightly unorthodox 2 step rhythm that glides its way through the drums, you again come out with a gem.

The future is looking bright for PVC and we hope to see more projects at the level that this EP has set. You can stream the EP from the link below and click buy to purchase the full versions.

Words by Jay McDougall (@SleepYGee1)

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