PSA BOXMIX – LZ – Free Download


It has been a very hectic year for our friends over at Pear Shaped Apparel. With new clothing lines being released left right and centre it is often hard to keep up with them. Their latest adventure takes into the well renowned BoxPark with their own pop up stall to help promote their brand new ‘Universal Collection’.

The Pear Shaped team will be minding their pop up shop at BoxPark from the 10th of March through to the 16th. In fact this Sunday their will be a group of some of Brighton’s own craziest performers including Ceezlin, Moony, This Is DA and Gi3mo, who will be performing in and around the store so be sure to roll through if you are in the area! This brand new ‘BoxMix’ comes to us from one of the performers appearing on the Sunday who goes by the name of DJ LZ. Be sure to check out the mix through the SoundCloud link below.

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