Phazz – “Marble” EP


French producer Phazz has released his new EP ‘Marble’ through Brighton-based label Cream Collective. Phazz, like most Cream artists, uses trap music as the foundation of his production, but the end product itself isn’t specific to one particular genre, so it’s quite difficult to label his work, (but we’ll try).

Following his previous work, ‘Marble’ is another example that Phazz isn’t afraid to push the boundaries of electronic music. In a year that has seen trap music gain worldwide popularity, he’s gone a step further. Sticking to the underlying basics of trap, but with his own special twist, Phazz has created a phenomenal EP which is easy to listen to, but hard to categorise.

The soulful vocal samples and the toms used in “I Feel You” really epitomise the ambience of Phazz’s music. Out of the four tracks on ‘Marble’, each one is evidence that Phazz is a perfectionist when it comes production. The soothing bass lines in “Hold Me” and the dubstep-like wobbles in “Addiction” means this EP doesn’t have an actual theme to it in terms of style, because no two tracks sound similar, which can’t be said for other artists using trap as the foundation of their music.

With this EP there’s a hint of R&B, soul and, of course, trap. Nobody I’ve heard this year uses drums quite like Phazz. Nobody can combine piano keys and vocals samples quite like this guy. And most importantly, nobody sounds like Phazz. This unique EP has set the bar quite high in terms of the Lyonnais’ future endeavors.

Cream Collective published a mini-mix of the whole EP on their SoundCloud page, check it out!

Alternatively, you can listen to the whole EP on the Cream Collective website or click here to download the EP for free!

Written by Myles Burrell (@MylesBurrell)

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