Perverse – Interview

Perverse have recently emerged to become one of New Zealand’s biggest names in the electronic music scene. The producer duo, having just releasing their heavyweight Iceman EP on Artikal Music, are currently smashing the live DJ circuit and gaining support from the likes of Youngsta and Distance among others. Soapbox’s Jay Mcdougall set out to conduct an interview with these two over a panini and a coffee.

What first inspired you into making music, and where did you start?

We both have a deep love for bass music and were intrigued as to how people made all of it on a computer. We found it was an accessible way to vent creativity, and the more we got into it the more addictive it became. Slowly we started getting better and more people started noticing our sounds – to be honest we never set out with any goals, we just liked to make beats and that’s all there is to it.

You have an individual style, which is reflected in the original “dungeon” dubstep sound – what are your opinions on the way the scene is progressing? 

We feel putting music into subcategories really limits what you can do as there is always a set formula that you kind of have to follow. We like to think that we are quite diverse (or try to be at least) and we are always trying new things and experimenting as you will hear with some of our newer tunes.
We are really liking the way the scene is progressing, a lot of people think that throwing some drums and mids into a sequencer is creating music, I’m really liking the more musical stuff that is emerging. Overall the scene is going in a great direction and we are stoked to be part of it!

Ok, name your perfect production environment?

A messy bedroom with 2 loud as fuck monitors, comfy chairs and some munchies and we are happy.

If you could ‘borrow’ a sound from an artist in the scene, what would it be?

The French vocal sample from Kahn’s tune ” Azalea “. That vocal gets us every time… sooooooo haunting!

What headphones do you use when performing live, and what pair would you ideally use?
[pullquote_right]We found it was an accessible way to vent creativity, and the more we got into it the more addictive it became.[/pullquote_right]
Sennheiser hd-25 mk 2’s. Those are the best headphones we have ever used. Comfy, well-built, good sound. Nothing more you could ask for.

Name one instrument you would like to be able to play, which you can’t already?

Alex : Guitar
Brett: Digiredoo

Nice. What artists would you want to work with in the next 12 Months?

That’s a very broad question as there are so many people we look up to it’s too hard to choose a singular one.

Toasties or panini?

Toasted panini.

A fair shout! Anything else for our readers?

Always feel free to say hi and tell us how you feel, we do our best to talk to everyone and write back. If you are producing keep at it and don’t let any negativity or writers block get to you, it’s always only temporary.

Catch perverse on facebook, twitter, and soundcloud.

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