Pear Shaped Apparel – June Clothing Release – Interview and Preview

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Brighton is a city filled with people trying to make their own break, be it in music, clothing, promotions, the list goes on and on. Pear Shaped Apparel are one of the few successful independent clothing lines to have come out of Brighton. We were lucky to catch up with the man behind the magic for a quick Q&A session in regards to their newest line, which was released on June 1st.

Obviously over the last few years Pear Shaped Apparel has become one of the more respected Brighton based independent clothing labels. How did the label first come about?

The first tee was printed in 2007, the “Ya Dun Kno” print. It was a basic black screenprint onto white tees. It was after I’d been doing some work experience with Art In Transit of London, learning the basics of printing etc. Me and my mates used to go to the clubs and sell the tee’s at the same time as selling their CD’s or getting promos out. I suppose that was the start of Pear Shaped.

PSA is involved with more than just clothing, what else do you currently have going on, and who are the faces behind it?

When the label first started it was around the same time I met Moony, TJ, Lenzez and Sam. We we were all making tunes and DJing together. We started to get some bookings and PSA’s a big family now. Everybody on the teams doing their thing and it’s a positive time. Moony’s DJing at Outlook Festival this year as well as various other projects, TJ & Lenzez are working on their albums and Sams going to be getting involved in our new venture Pear Shaped Music which you’ll find out about soon. RV’s dropping a tune produced by myself and Moony called ‘Champagne Campaign’ in July..We also sponsor ThisisDA a rapper from Bristol and graff artist Jates and Scribble Designs, who both got involved with our last line the ‘PSA Artist Series’. There’s loads of stuff going on within the family, It’s positive.

The consistency is one of the best things about Pear Shaped Apparel, how do you manage to keep up the quality of your designs so much?

It’s been a learning curve to be honest. As the label grows you just gotta try keep the same quality there and try and improve on it as much as possible and learn from mistakes. It’s like anyone writing bars or making tunes or designing etc. You always look back at your previous work and look for ways to improve it. That aside though, everyone’s got different tastes so consistent to 1 man might be off key to the next so you can’t always get it right.

On that note, out of the stock you have released what item would you say you’re most fond of?

In regards to older lines I think I’ve got to go with the Stamp Collection. It’s the outline of the queen on a traditional first class stamp but she’s wearing different coloured bandanas. It was cool because it was dropped on the day of the Queens Jubilee. I’d had the design on my computer for years but it seemed like the right time to drop it. The new Artist Series is one of my favourite lines too. 5 artists from the UK designed a one colour print onto white tee’ rules, just one colour. Big shout to Eric Aidoo, Becky Mann, Jates, TJ and Tyson Facepunch. They brought some great tee’s to the table and it was amazing to see their different styles on PSA tees.

We can see that there is a new line to be released very soon, what’s story behind the new material?

The SU13 Range drops 01|06|13. It’s a collection of 4 tee’s each with a with different coloured pocket. Each pocket was screenprinted, cut and sewn in house and the tee’s are organic. The pocket pattern was designed a while ago but was waiting for the right intro. I’d like to use the pattern more in the future. Alongside the tee’s we’re also dropping a grey PSA classic fitted and a new snapback. Get them from the website –

Where do you hope to see Pear Shaped in say, 18 months?

There’s plans and designs in place for some PSA jeans at some point. 18 months is a short space of time though. When they drop it’s got to be the right time. We’re in talks with a few more stockists too so hopefully you’ll be seeing Pear Shaped Apparel a bit more. In regards to the music we’re working on a separate project ‘Pear Shaped Music’. I’m not going to go into that right now but hold tight.

Are there any other announcements on behalf of Pear Shaped that we can squeeze out of you?

We’re going to be doing a couple of pop-up shops over the summer in Brighton and London – follow us on Twitter for all the latest news >> @PearShapedUK ,
We’re also teaming up with the ENK Collective to throw our first boat party of the year which docks from Brighton Marina 15|06|13. all the info here >>

And of course big up everyone supporting the label. It’s all love.

Written By Jay McDougalll

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