Money, do you need it? (No, but it’s still pretty good)


After the success of their debut album, “In Love”, Peace are back with a brand new single – the oh so catchy “Money”.

Despite being slightly more poppy, especially lyrically, than their earlier work, this is still Peace through and through. Harry Koisser’s distinct vocals and the distorted mayhem at the end of the song push it away from the “pop” tag and give it some much needed character.

Other than the chaotic instrumental breakdown at the end, the best part of the song is the catchy chorus, which, in most instances would be downright annoying. The band have essentially written a corny pop song but delivered it very well and tricked people into thinking it’s an indie masterpiece.

To be fair it is quite good, not one of their best, but with the high standards set by songs like “Bloodshake”, “Lil’ Echo” and “Wraith” what can you expect?

You can download the track by clicking here.

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