P Jam – Fight The Feeling – Review

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When one of the pioneers of a genre returns, and in his return creates shockwaves similar to that of the genres inception, you know you are witnessing something special. P Jam is one of the original names to arise out of the ever expanding grime music scene, and he is back with a brand new EP after his highly successful feature on the Grime 2.0 compilation.

P Jam’s progression as a producer can be seen as widely as his overall productive creativity through to his obvious influences from the world of breaks. The title track of the EP ‘Fight The Feeling’ features extremely roughly cut break samples, sliced up into a half time pattern. This combined with the gnarly bass drones patrolling the low frequencies and Hannah Rae’s vocals fluttering around the opposite end of the spectrum makes for instant dance floor meltdown.

The second track on the EP is in fact a remix of the title track from a relatively unknown producer called Transcend. He reworks the entire makeup of the track into something which could only be called IDM. The remix itself doesn’t change the atmosphere of the track at all, in fact it amplifies the darkness which seems to ooze out of P Jam’s instrument selection over a more UK funky style drum loop.

P Jam returns to the spotlight for the final track on the release entitled “Victorious.” This track flings us back into the early days of grime instrumentals and the raw energy of repetitive brass stabs. This along with the pulsating drum patterns round of a very strong EP.

Words by Jay McDougall (@SleepYGee1)

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