One To Watch – Lucy Rose

It seems like there’s been a lot of buzz around Lucy Rose for a long time but since the recent release of her first album ‘Like I Used To’, the hype around her has gained significant momentum.

Lucy Rose first came to prominence on the back of her numerous collaborations with Bombay Bicycle Club, providing backing vocals for ‘A Different Kind of Fix’ and touring as their support as well as several other very much of the moment acts (Ed Sheeran, Ben Howard, etc).  The relative success of the single releases of ‘Middle of the Bed’ and ‘Scar’ and celebrity fans in Edith Bowman and Zane Lowe has meant that over the past couple of years Lucy has gathered a loyal and devoted cult following.  Indeed, Lucy Rose’s star has steadily been on the rise for sometime and what with her debut album ‘Like I Used To‘ briefly sneaking into the Top 10 of iTunes album chart her following is developing beyond cult status as she begins to have an impact on the mainstream.

It’s a tired comparison perhaps but there’s more than a touch of the Laura Marling about her.  Both very much fit into the oft derided singer/songwriter label but there seems to be a lot more to Lucy Rose than your standard acoustic guitar clad artist.  Her tender tones almost cracking with emotion at times stalks its way through every track on her debut offering ‘Like I Used To‘ and there’s a haunting beauty to Lucy’s voice most clearly demonstrated in album track, Shiver, as her voice delicately touches the high notes.  At times taking inspiration from Joni Mitchell (someone Lucy has previously stated as an influence) the album takes on a kind of delicate etherealness with the beautifully composed stand out tracks ‘Place‘ and ‘Gamble‘ being particular highlights.

The combination of her unique voice, her undoubted talent for songwriting and although I loathe to say, quirkiness, means she has all the right ingredients to continue in the ascendency.  In an industry so cluttered with sub-standard performers and cringe worthy manufactured sentiment (particularly in her genre) it’s refreshing to hear Lucy Rose’s authentic musical stylings.  And what with her nationwide tour selling out up and down our little island, it’s fair to say that stardom is very much on the horizon for the diminutive songstress.

Written By Peter Strauss, check out his blog for The Huffington Post, don’t forget to follow him on Twitter: @PeteStrauss

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