Ocean Wisdom’s new video with High Focus is sick

Ocean Wisdom in Splittin' The Racket

Ocean Wisdom is a name you’re about to hear mentioned a lot more. The Brighton based rapper (real name Ocean Wisdom) and part of the Rumbustious family has exploded onto the UK Hip Hop scene in the past year. After recording several studio sessions with us and releasing the underground hit Walkin’ over a Dirty Dike beat last summer, he’s been busy performing with the High Focus guys (more on his set at Boomtown later). Ocean has now returned with a stunningly shot video for his new single Splittin’ The Racket, featuring his tennis skills, trademark double-time flow and irreverent lyrics.

In filming the video around the streets of his Brighton, and opening with a shout to his hometown, Ocean Wisdom is not just cementing the city’s position on the UK Hip-Hop map, but drawing a fat red circle around it in permanent marker. Bring on the album.

Splittin’ The Racket and Walkin’ are both available for purchase digitally and on limited edition vinyl. Ocean’s debut album Chaos 93 drops later this year.

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