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Nativ – Shifty EP – Review - Soapbox

Nativ – Shifty EP – Review


To follow up their highly successful release with Boofy, Tumble Audio have done it again with their first release of 2014. This time coming from Glasgow based Funky producer Nativ, the ‘Shifty EP’ marks Tumble Audio’s 7th release and they show absolutely no signs of slowing down at the current pace they are releasing high quality EP’s.

The EP consists of 3 original tracks and 2 remix projects, which does a great job of balancing the different genre styles within the EP. It is kicked off with ‘Dizzy’, a chilling sub low Funky anthem. The simple yet ever repeating bassline drones throughout, lolling the listener into an almost semi-conscious state. At this point the ghostly ambient synth patterns begin to move in. This would be very interesting to hear on a dance floor as I have absolutely no idea what would happen.

‘I Want You’ also seems to be built around these haunting synths which have allowed bass lines to enter and meditate in the basements of their frequency ranges. The production skill required to fuse these 2 stylistically opposite elements into something truly out of the box requires a definite pat on the back. It’s such an odd fusion that it just works, again I would like to see how these tracks would be received to a live audience, because they are just so wonderfully weird.

The final original composition is the title track ‘Shifty’. This is perhaps the straightest of the trio. There still seem to be elements of the haunting chord progressions which added so much to the atmosphere in the first two. However this track is truly driven by the monster that is its bass melody. The three original tracks from Nativ show why he is one of the faces to be watching in 2014.

Arctic Shadow’s edit is an unusual new design for the track. Glitchy drums seem to replace the originals from time to time along with a new string melody which appears when it so wishes. Overall it’s a nice rework with less influence from the underworld. Jook10’s remix goes the other way and really pushes the funky ideals more into the limelight. More percussion, more drums and overall more rhythmic manipulation are the main features Jook10 has added.

Yet another high quality EP from the guys at Tumble Audio, they really do show no signs of stopping. Be sure to take a listen and download the EP from the link below!

Words by Jay McDougall (@SleepYGee1)

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