Mr Bonez – Interview

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]oby Cackett, otherwise known as Mr Bonez, is constantly producing bangers that would tear up any dance-floor. Having proved he is a consistently good producer, Mr Bonez is letting the Dubstep scene know what he is all about. Soapbox’s Archie Willis exchanged words with him over a smoke and a pancake.

S.B: Good day Mr Bonez, how did you first get into making music?

Got my hands on a copy of FL7 when I was in year 10. Started messing around on it for about a year when I was still in school, and in year 10 and 11 I was doing music GCSE’s, alongside making the odd tune at home.

S.B:  So what genres have you experimented with and what are you currently producing?

I started off by trying to make some Dubstep and the odd bit of 2 step. I have also tried making House a few times to experiment with my production skills. I have also made a fair bit of Drumstep and DnB in the past too, but for the last two years I have been making Dubstep. I started to take it more serious after a producer/DJ from True Tiger (Stenchman) played one of my tunes in Ministry of Sound in London, I got good feedback from that so I took it from there.

S.B: Nice nice, what is it that really attracts you to dubstep?

There are so many people making dubstep these days so it’s a lot to compete with, but everyone having their own style is really what pulled me into it.

S.B: What would you say music culture in Brighton is like? and who would you recommend looking out for? [pullquote_right] “everyone having their own style is really what pulled me into it.” [/pullquote_right]

There is a wicked music scene in Brighton! It’s a great place to grow up, and it’s even better if you’re a producer/artist! There are a lot of new, up and coming people to look out for. At the moment my first person is going to have to be Dismantle, the number 1 producer/DJ to look out for, and of course the rest of the Gangoon family! Watch out for a young Drum and Bass producer Skyro, great vibes and production.

S.B: Who have you had support from?

Stenchman, Bukez Finezt, BBC Radio 1, Fused Forces, Coki (DMZ), Dismantle, Plastician, Rinse FM and more…

S.B:  And finally, what is your favourite food?

Plateau du Fruit du Mare. French sea food dish. Crab, lobster and oysters lol

For updates on what Mr Bonez is up too check out his facebook page

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