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(Front Cover)ThreeHundred&Sixty

Manga has finally released a full length solo project and it has been a long time in the making. After being featured an a number of other projects, primarily with “Roll Deep,” Manga has often been left out of the limelight despite being one of the stronger and more consistent artists in the collective. The album is available for free download HERE.

One of the main positive features about this album is that it incorporates a lot of different areas of UK urban music, including more Grime-styled tracks such as ‘Too Cool To Care’ and ‘Mastermind’ featuring Dot Rotten & Big Shizz. The production also features an artist range which stems from Double A to Hudson Mohawke. Even Skrillex makes a suprise appearance in ‘Boss Boys’ featuring Young Kye. Another great thing about this album is that it has a large collection of vocal features from other grime artists. These include Ghetts, Wiley, Maxta, Flowdan, Tre Mission and a few more.

The album itself is evidence that Manga has the skill and ability to breakout from behind the Roll Deep name and become successful in his own right, not just as a member of Roll Deep. The different ranges of tempo and themes within the album show how versatile Manga is, showing he is capable of producing quality in different areas of Grime music.

One of Manga’s stand out features as a Grime MC is his relaxed yet powerful vocal delivery. The way he uses the instrumental as a partner rather than as a strict time signature to follow allows him to really experiment with different flows and delivery techniques at different points. A great example of this can be heard in ‘Lemmetalk’ produced by Rynsaman.

Other stand out tracks include ‘Sail Away’ produced by Hudson Mohawke, primarily due to Manga’s adaptability to ride the instrumental whilst both rapping and harmonizing. ‘Pirate Radio Hearts’ featuring Ghetts is another highlight. The track tells the story of the pair’s involvement in the scene and industry since the days when pirate radio stations where the real heart of the underground.

There is also a nice blend of sharp, tight instrumentals and rougher, organic sounding beats which again is representative of the Grime scene in general. The album lasts just under an hour and really does deliver as a classic Grime project. Hopefully Manga will carry on his solo efforts along with the Roll Deep projects at the same time. Be sure to download from the link at the top of the page!

(Backlist) ThreeHundred&Sixty

Written by Jay Mcdougall.

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