LJ Lyons – Interview

[dropcap]L[/dropcap]J Lyons, also known as Lethal Junkie, is an established member of the Brighton and UK hip-hop scene, having collaborated with artists such as Rum Committee and featured in UK rap battle league Don’t Flop. SoapBox’s Jay Mcdougall met up with him for a chat over a morning coffee and a fry-up.

S.B: Firstly, what was your inspiration for jumping into making music, and how did you start?

I first started writing bars and getting involved with other rappers about age 14. In the beginning I just wanted to make music I liked, because I was sick of what was on the radio at the time. UK hip-hop hadn’t reached the mainstream yet and I wasn’t feeling the commercial stuff so I started making beats and writing songs.

S.B: Who were you listening to at that time, and how did they influence you?

I’ve always been into music but the first hip-hop I bought was Eminem’s single My Name Is. At 12 my mum wasn’t too happy but I loved it. The way that Eminem and other similar artists just said what they wanted regardless of what people thought seemed amazing to me. From there I listened to a lot of Big L, Wu Tang and Cypress Hill. There was also an influence from some of the rock bands around at the time but lets not go into that!

S.B: Name one place you would like to perform?

I’d love to play main stage at Glastonbury or Download. I like big stages and huge crowds. Performing is 50% of the reason I started.

S.B: Curry or Chinese?

Curry. Last time I ate Chinese I was throwing up the whole day after. Not a fan.

S.B: What Artists would you like to see yourself working with in 6 months?[pullquote_right]The way that artists just said what they wanted regardless of what people thought seemed amazing to me.[/pullquote_right]

Right now I’m in the middle of recording my next project with my producer Phocus Beats. We’ve got Rum Committee, Koaste and Innuendo featuring at the moment with more to come on board. I’d love to work with Ghetts, Kate Nash, Aesop Rock and while we’re there, Redman and Method man.

S.B: Which producers or emcees would you tell the world to look out for, or to look up?

Well firstly big up my boys Red Eye Rhymers, my crew from back in London. I’m looking to get us back for another mixtape but we’re scattered at the moment. Rum Committee, dope crew who just released the album Boozetown. London-based rapper Onoe Caponoe and comedy rappers Sanity Valve. Also look out for a little ep coming from me and Mr Sleepz (produced by us both) called ‘No Sleep For The Sickest’ coming out when we get our act together.

S.B: What is your favourite hat you own?

Just bought a new snap back that I love. Gonna restart my New Era collection.

S.B: Anything else you wish to tell our readers?

Like I said keep your eyes peeled for the new Lj/Phocus project coming this summer and check www.lethaljunkie.bandcamp.com to download the Clean Slate and BackOnit mixtapes for free. Peace.

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