Listen to Elli Ingram’s innovative new track – All Caught Up


To put it in simple terms, there is next to nothing to criticize when it comes to Elli Ingram’s recent releases. Her recent EP, entitled ‘The Doghouse’ sent instant shock waves around a genre bracket which has either become slightly stale or has been flooded with a string of bang average recordings.

The EP is a perfect approach to the futuristic soul sound which so many people are failing to make click. Her most recent video is for one of the tracks which sits within the EP, and ‘All Caught Up’ is truly fantastic. The combination of hard hitting bass frequencies and catchy chiming melodies provide a sublime backing track over which Elli’s rich vocal tones are allowed to roam freely.

Elli Ingram represents a glimmering beacon within a genre seemingly over run with mediocrity and I expect to continue to hear sounds this innovative from her over the coming months.

Check out the video below as well, it certainly gives an interesting interpretation of the lyricism within the track.

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