Let The Machines Do The Work – The next step for House music?


Well wasn’t it great to see something interesting and out of the ordinary downstairs at audio for the first time that I can remember. Despite the fact Bodhi was set to headline the event, the show was stolen by the Brighton based electronic outfit known as “Let The Machines Do The Work.”

I was recommended to check out the group by a friend some time ago, and I enjoyed what they had put together. The energy which derives from the live elements definitely gives the tracks a more charming nature, so when I saw they were performing as a live act downstairs, the journey downstairs seemed like a must.

The four piece were set up with a large array of both hardware and software, the combination of which surely contributed to the freshness of the sound. The group worked as a DJ would, building suspense during transitions and then releasing the tension perfectly during breakdowns.

Their set seemed be divided into two sections. The more live driven feel went down well during the first half of the performance. The more bassline indulgent second half was even more interactive and the transition in styles was seamless.

The fact that there was four people, recreating digitally produced music in such a way was genuinely so refreshing. House music is quite clearly the “in” genre across dance floors in the UK at the moment, so seeing acts thinking outside the box and bringing intricacy to a slightly overloaded scene was pleasing to say the least.

This, for me, is the future of electronic music. A DJ could be incredible, but there is only so much enjoyment to be gained watching people matching tempos. However witnessing four people in unison with such precision, as well as engaging with the crowd, that is something I am glad I paid to see.

Be sure to take advantage of the free download of their latest track, the VIP mix of “Give It Up” from the link below

Words by Jay McDougall (@SleepYGee1)

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  1. Wish I was there 🙁 everyone said it was siiiick

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