Kromestar – “Tears Of Joy” – Review


Kromestar is and has always been one of the most influential underground producers in the UK, from his earlier grime projects, through the height of creativity in Dubstep and now when nobody has a clue what genre even means anymore.

The signature wonk he throws into everything seems to be the most commonly known method of locating a Kromestar release and he hasn’t lost his touch with his latest album “Tears Of Joy”

The exploration of space within the background of tracks which can be heard in ‘Father’s Day’ and ‘Sorrows’ isn’t something new to hear from Kromestar, but he has never delved this deep into experimental reverberations and retrieved so many gems. The side chained drum loops are so smoothly processed that the sharper sounds such as hi-hats and clap hits seem to dance around the mix in unison with the airy background synthesizers.

The more bass driven style of production that we are used to hearing from Kromestar hasn’t gone wondering either. In fact has developed into something extraordinary. “Healing With Time” shows Kromestar’s versatility as a producer, as the rough cut familiarity of hip-hop drums leap into the blender. He combines this with the a reece-like bass instrument which slices its way through the low end of the mix and knocks you back into the real world, after floating ethereally for so long.

The album even kicks off with a fantastic electro-orchestral display. The melodies interweaved in the title track “Tears Of Joy” are quite spectacular, despite their simplicity. The repetitive playing of short patterns over different synthesizers allows the rest of the piece to cascade around you. This tracks seems to set a theme for the rest of album, which is the beauty of the actual sounds being used, there are very few harsh sounding synths to be found anywhere in the track-listing.

The whole project ends as magnificently as it begins. “Tears Of Joy Part 2”, as the title suggests, is the distant cousin of the introductory composition. The same instrumentation and notation has been used, except in this version everything seems to develop and naturally progress into a crescendo of luscious electronic sound. The whole album seems to be a journey through the stages of Kromestar’s production career, and it is great to see that he hasn’t just settled into one genre, he has moved as electronic music has moved.

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Written by Jay McDougall (@Sleepygee1)

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